I just experienced the hardest 5 minutes of presentation in my life.

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It's real. I was trying my best to keep calm but I can't. I did dozens of presentations since the years studying pre-university courses, but none of them went like this. I'm sure everyone was looking at me, wondering "what is this guy doing" when the presentation is ongoing, but I can't help it. Crazy stuff. And, it might also be the only presentation that I won't mind doing again despite all this nonsense and whatever that makes it an unforgetable experience.

Really, crazy stuff.

Sticker by Molang.Official on GIPHY.

And, here's the context you guys have been waiting for.

In this semester, I took a general elective course named "Social Media and Digital Communities". Quite an interesting course, teaching things about social media and uses of these social media platforms in the business context, such as using them as an advertising platform and feedback tool. The assignments are pretty special as well, like this one that requires us to choose a theme and topic, create a video on it, upload it on some video sharing site and use various social media platforms to share the video around. Sounds pretty fun?

After brainstorming around for a day or two, my group decided to go for a branding commercial video after getting inspired by some other funny commercial videos on YouTube. The task is simple for us - design a fictional product, create an advertisement for it, present the thing in front of the class and get the marks. Without any hesitation, we proceeded with the plan. It's a very low budget film that took us less than RM15 (less than 4 USD) to get all the required props (and we get to keep them later). The video shooting was done within 4 hours. Our main editing tool for this film is the ancient but good Windows Movie Maker, and required artworks are done in Microsoft Paint. Sure, we did used Adobe Premiere Pro for the subtitles and audio syncing, but this doesn't change the fact that it's truly a low budget product. Heck, we didn't even bother to have someone responsible for voiceovers and used a free TTS engine instead. Technology abuse by students studying technology, and I'm not really against that in this case 😛

The TTS engine has better English pronunciation than everyone of us so of course we're not doing the job ourselves, lol.

Meme template from Meming Wiki

Things actually went pretty smooth on the presentation day. The HDMI and audio cables didn't jerk on us, PowerPoint didn't hate us and everything went as they should. I was having a great time talking about how we got the idea for the product and the concept of the video as well as strategies used to catch the attention of our target audience (which is of course, the students and lecturers in the classroom). In fact, I love doing presentations as long as the topic or content I'm delivering is well understood by me and this is one of them. How I hope that I can talk over the time limit. After a while, everyone in my group presented their parts and it's time to show our video.

Then...here comes the problem.

I guess we accidentally made it too cartoon-ish and hilarious.

I'm legit trying to hold my laugh in front of the class as the video is playing. I know, I'm in the video and I have watched it more than once, but it still tickles my laughing bone every time some scene comes. I'm just bad at hiding emotions and I believe that everyone in front knows that I was trying real hard to not laugh. Some wise mind once said that in order to be a good joke teller, you can't laugh at your own joke before your audience does. I guess I can never be someone like that then!

Here's the video in question. Face reveal, but I'm not going to tell you who I am, at least for now.

The video is planned with school life and Malaysians in mind (broken English is used on purpose because that's how most of us speak our everyday English here, correct grammar is reserved for exams 😛), so it might or might not be relatable to you but I hope that you'll enjoy it. If you happen to like the thing (which of course I hope you did), go to the video page here and drop us a like, it will help with our marks!

But seriously, I will definitely want to hold my laugh in front of the class again. What an experience.

See you next time!



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Ha! Great job with the video! The special effects with the water flying throuugh the air, and the fast runner, were awesome! 😂


Thank you and glad you loved it! They were just speed up/slow motion effects though, we didn't do any CGI or stuff...low budget!

(Although yes, we did splashed the water for a lot of times to get the shooting right...haha)

Haha awesome work lads! Found that hilarious actually! Now I want some hyperplus to get all my things done but will have to wait til March 32nd! 😁

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Thanks! Remember to mark your calendars, today's already March 26th! 😂


Only 6 days away now lol!

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So sad that I don't have the airtime to watch videos longer than 15 seconds my friend! BUT! We also had a presentation today to an overseas visiting bunch of MBA students and I have posted about our presentation today. No videos as we are not as advanced as you guys!

This was a Loooooonnnngggg commercial. Or maybe it's because I haven't had my Hyperplus yet today :-). My favorite part (and where I did most of my laughing) was the part when the water was in slow motion and the angelic like music was introduced. Also the very end when the testimonials where playing.. Funny!

Good luck with your grades on it!


Thanks! It's that long because the assignment requires a video from 4 to 5 minutes so yeah 😂 actually it's even funnier if you know the source of the BGM for the slow motion part...it's from an anime (Sword Art Online) when the protagonist takes on a boss one-on-one and wins the fight. One of the most epic scenes in the series so when we put it in it's like .. something's off but we can't tell where 🤣🤣

Still have to work for the grades, finals coming...will try my best!

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Thanks for letting me know! Now I will have to look this up, watch it in order to boost my laugh during that part. 4-5 minutes requires a lot of editing.. and maybe lots of coffee?? or did you just have some Hyperplus??!! hehe


To be honest, it's just trimming the clips and combining them up in Windows Movie Maker...I'm not the editor but based on what our editors said it isn't really a big deal compared to what they did in the past 😂 Mainly because we shot the clips correctly so not much post-editing is required.

(And of course, we tested the product prototypes...hehe) 😂😂😂

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