Malaysian Style Kampong Fried Rice

in teammalaysia •  21 days ago


This was lunch for me today. Way above my usual diet but I guess when you've been eating and eating since the holidays started, it only seems natural to have such a huge appetite.

Really have to cut down on my daily meal consumption and get back to my routine exercise if I'm to fit back into my tight fitting dresses.

Oh no!! It's Chinese New Year coming soon. More food coming along 😬

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Nasi goreng is one of my favourites too beside nasi lemak!!


Oh yes.. For us, it's a must eat dish 😊

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Looks Yummy is that an egg on the top ?


Oh yes it is... Sunny side up 😊

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❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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OMG I am soooo hungry right now.


Now u understand why I ordered it for lunch 😆😆

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Yesssssss i can!

looking yummy n delicious 😋

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Oh yes... I finished it all 😆

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I miss this...heh. Haven't took anything like this for some time, ended up just taking noodles and economy rice in school for almost every day...

Don't worry about that appetite, you need energy to work out :3 And you can get larger clothes during Chinese New Year so I guess more food is acceptable? lol


It's a sign of weakness of the mind and body to allow so much Carbo inside my body 😆 But it really taste so good.

Ooo... I hope you get to have a Cheat Day soon 👏

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