We are home / 出院回家咯

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Thank you for all your comments and love and prayers! The doctor came in the morning after he sent us to the x-ray. He said he's very happy with the surgery yesterday. Everything went well and as planned. And the x-ray this morning showed her bones are in the correct place now. So he said we can go back and celebrate Chinese New Year at home.

My girl comes home with her "Chinese New Year" present.

This will be a learning journey for both of us. She will have to learn to do things with her one right hand now. And I need to learn to take care of her especially bathe her and help her change without hurting her left hand. Thanks again for all your love. ❤️❤️❤️

And I would like to congratulate @Votovzla for winning the 10k sp delegation dpoll by @theycallmedan. Also an unexpected move by @bluemist, founder of @appreciator, a10k sp delegation was given to @steemitbloggers for six months. Congrats to @jaynie, @zord189 and all members of the powerhousecreatives.

As for @team-cn, we did an awesome job too! Even though we didn't won any delegation, we have more people known about us. Well done and thank you everyone and the awesome leaders of Team-CN. 💪💪💪😘😘😘




最后我也想再次恭喜Votovzla赢取了10k sp代理。很棒的最后冲刺!佩服佩服!还有另一个意外的收获则是Steemit Bloggers,得到了appreciator的创办人bluemist的10k sp代理。也恭喜你们。




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Glad to know, everything is well now.

@team-cn performed really well alongwith other 2 communities and collectively all 3 won.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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We heard the news @elizacheng and we are so happy that your little girl is now home safely and the surgery went well and successful!

We will continue to uplift her in prayers for super quick recovery and she'll be up as good as new!

Best regards,
Daily Bread Food Bank

Great to hear this. My

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Glad you got to be home for the holiday and that the surgery went well!

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