Real Case Study On Decentralized VS. Centralized Solutions | Musicians On The Blockchain Series (Edition #4)

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Real Case Study On Decentralized VS. Centralized Solutions For Musicians On The Blockchain (Edition #4)

Even non musicians can take part in Musicoin by registering as Listeners and supporting their favorite artists and music by "Tip"


The Musicoin project was launched in early February 2017 when the first block of MUSIC was mined.

The MUSICOIN (MUSIC) blockchain is a fork of the Ethereum blockchain. To show how much the team behind @musicoin have extreme passion and believe in this that Musicoin was launched without any support of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or pre-mine or pre-allocation of funds, without an initial pool of fund to draw from...

Even non musicians can take part by registering as Listeners and supporting and tipping their favorite artists and music.

Personal Journey On @Musicoin

When i first found out about Musicoin during my research on finding and testing new platforms and solutions for musicians on the Blockchain, I didn't really know much in depth about Musicoin or how it works, I just wanted to test and support the platform as it is the first of it's kind (keep reading you will find out why...)

At first i simply loved the ease of their interface and ease from uploading the music and the artwork to how your artwork becomes printed on a vinyl that comes out and starts spinning when you hit play on a song, along an Instant Free Tip of 1 $Musicoin that you get instantly in your wallet. (more about tips below).

Visual Capture showing you the cool interface when playing your music and the instant reward you get when you song plays.

Licensing, Publishing and Releasing Your Music

Other then the cool interactive interface what really triggered me and got me more hooked into Musicoin was the ease of licensing, publishing and releasing my first song on the Blockchain which i did within a few minutes only! As shown in the step by step animated guideline below:

1- On the 'Top Right Corner' Click on the Upload Icon
2- Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions
3- Click 'I agree to these terms of use'
4- Click 'Next'

5- Account Verification : make sure all your Social media networks are Linked before releasing a track
6- Click 'Next'
7- Click on Upload File
8- Select the Track you want to Upload from your computer
9- Wait for Upload to Finish
10- Click on 'I confirm that I am the exclusive rights holder for this piece of work and/or have obtained the rights necessary to release this work'
11- Click 'Next'

Global Music Market and trends (Source IFPI CY2012; includes Japan)

Usually licensing and publishing your music with the usual means of current music industry is a bit of a long annoying process that every musician has to go through (non digital in a the form of Vinyl and CD's and sometimes even digital on some platforms) but with the blockchain decentralized technologies and Musicoin the game has changed!

Now you can get full grip and control all stages of releasing your music from Production to Licensing and Publishing to earning back of your own music within minutes by eliminating the current middle man and it's ridiculous charges fee's, and usually eats most of your well deserved profits from your own music for something now you can do on your own.

Is Hosting Your Music on Musicoin and The Blockchain Safe?

Musicoin Content Rights Protection

Image source Musicoin official Instagram Page

The additional beauty and benefits of @Musicoin Your music is automatically copyrighted when uploaded to their blockchain Musicoin. That magic happens as by definition anything that is uploaded to a blockchain can not disappear, it lives forever on the internet with a specific address. Therefore your song that you uploaded to Musicoin Blockchain is the absolute proof that you're the original creator.

Real Profits Case Study On My Personal Experience With Musicoin VS. Other Centralized Platforms

Musicoin Blockchain Earnings and Profits

Live Screenshot from my Artist Musicoin Page

Within less then 2 months only of hosting and promoting my music through Musicoin i have earned 8.5k Musicoins which is the equivalent to $349.44 Us dollars with the current Musicoin Crypto value on Coinmarketcap at the moment and i accumulated 4.4k tips and explored lots of new great music and met great like minded musicians from across all genres of musical colors.

VS. Earnings from Centralized Solutions and Platforms

Since i released my first official music album digitally back in 2009, I used to use a great service provider for digital music releases called Reverbnation (all changed now with Musicoin and the Blockchain) as from one place you can automatically put your music on the most known centralized musical outlets like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and such and control your music on various digital outlets from one place through Reverbnation in addition they provide great reporting tools, data insights on sales and demographics that can be really helpful for musicians to monitor and see how the music is performing and amend changes using the smart data and reports provided.

All that great stuff is so cool once you are earning enough money from your music so you cover the annual fee's of $280 which is by looking at the charts of my personal sales from Reverbnation Sales revenue Vs. Digital Distribution Cost having my music out there is ridiculous .... So Startup musicians has a very hard time to get their music to a wider audience unless they have the resources to pre-invest their own money other then the costs occured for the work, recording, mixing and mastering your work to be ready for release....

Musicoin Profits Comparison Chart

Musicoin Profit Comparison Chart

It's so obvious that Musicoin awards and pays much more money to music creators than its closest competitors for now Spotify.

Musicoin PPP (Pay Per Play)

Other then the Instant Earnings on your music as soon as a listener hits play on your music Music creators also can get Tipped on the Musicoin platform by people who like your music which makes a huge difference then any other music distribution platform out there.

In addition You can receive from 1 to 1000 Musicoins at once which is the equivalent of 1 to 1000 streams at once / That equals anything from 0.042379 USD to 42.38 USD PER PLAY!!

Musicoin is free to use ! I Highly encourage you to Register today Upload your music and Share it on your social medias and Earn

Et voila that's all what it takes !

if you would like to know more about Musicians on the Blockchain, Musicoin and other similar topics you might be interested in my other blogs.

- The Musicians Quick Start Guide Compiled Series & More | #Each1Teach1 By DJ Lethal Skillz

Hope this guide helps you with your Musician Journey On the Blockchain, If you have any questions or need more information please do comment below and let me know. Thank your for taking the time to read and your support in advance! Kudos

DJ Lethal Skillz

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Wow I never even gave much thought to copyright and blockchain. That is an absolute game-changer (and another way to eliminate centralization and fees and paperwork as far as copyright is concerned.) It will be really interesting to see how Blockchain stands in legal matters, as far as being sufficient enough to prove original works just by date of submission. (One of my besties from high school is now a copyright/music claims lawyer, so this is a great convo to have with him!)
I can't wait to try out this website. I have been looking for a good tipping website, and with its own currency, this definitely looks like the heavy hitter for up and coming blockchain websites for music. Those charts absolutely speak volumes about earning rates. So crazy. What a time to be alive right?

Thanks for putting so much effort into this post! Really good stuff! :)


@bethwheatcraft thank u for coming through and taking the time to read :)

As u said all these new blockchain decentralized solutions are absolutely a game changer for the music industry as a whole among lots of others things if not most ... and especially no more complicated legal documents and signing papers to license to release a song, also to mention the instant rewards and tipping system in crypto is just absolutely amazing! It's still early stages and all that great stuff already here, looking so forward to the future to see and be part of our world transformation to a better and more efficient ecosystem ;) Kudos!

This is dope, and don't want to take anything away from it, but the whole idea of you receiving a copy right just by posting it is nonsense. It's the same idea as the "poor man's copy right", which has been debunked and thrown out in court many times.

The only way to truly get any copy rights of your work is by actually registering it with a government agency, hopefully one that actually cares about international IP laws.

Can a judge decide that it's your intellectual property because you posted it to this website 6 months prior to someone registering a copy right on your music?? SURE. It's not a sure thing though, and I find it negligent at best, deceitful at worst, that this website proclaims that this does away with the need to copy right your work.

Bottom line. If you don't ACTUALLY register a copy right, there's no magical way around that. Once governments, international courts, etc. have accepted this technology and what it means, sure, but until then, don't put out any work on the internet that you care about being stolen.


@jamesgetsit peace mah man, appreciate your feedback and definitely on the copywrite part it wont make sense if anyone uploads a song on blockchain it becomes he sole property, any platform will require proof and signing a legal document that states what the artist claim, and definetily you need the backing to the claim i.e. having the stems or any invoices occured in the production or creation of music and such. Im sure there will be or there are possibly some blockchain solutions for dealing with contracts and copywrites matters... Until i make a mil out of a track im not too concerned with that yet haha joke aside with all that said that's the most profitable platform by far i ever hosted my music on for Free and made that much profit returns in a very short time to top it all up Musicoin shares are going up as we speak check it out if u haven't yet.

Looking so forward to see how the future of music industry is going to shape up with all these amazing innovations to come. Thanks once again for ur input and tip! Kudos


Appreciate all the work you put into this post man, it was really well done. I'm definitely going to check it out.


it's my pleasure mah man, looking forward to hear on ur experience with @Musicoin Kudos!

Most interesting read. I had heard about MusicCoin but didn't know any details. MusicCoin does look very promising.


Glad u enjoyed the read @pennsif, it is indeed very promising and it's already working! Best times to be alive with the blockchain technology around ;)



Thank you for this new awesome educational post ! This is a movement to improve the artists' condition worldwide !


@pascalguyon it's a pleasure to share my experience so far and motivate other artists to be aware of the great blockchain and it's alternative means to support artists grow and earn money from their music

I'm on Lovin it. This is a great article.


@acousticsteveo Salute to my fellow musician on the blockchain ;) ! thank u for coming through and your feedback what is ur musicoin address$%^&*( ? haha


It's 0x86956cd70a950d6e054beeecfecb20003a91a97e

Here's one of my songs on there.

Thank you for this post, def gotta look into this. A def game changer!


True indeed get on it soonest! Good luck with your journey on the blockchain ;)

Wish I had more time to check this out and get on Musicoin. Thanks for keeping us readers updated. Hopefully will be getting on it soon.


It’s fairly rapid. Not too much more onerous than uploading a Soundcloud stream. The main thing is getting through verification at the moment.


if u have all ur social media links in place, verification wont take too long. GO Get'tem


@danielwong it's definitely worth checkin out, if not from a musician aspect to upload your music as you have no time, you can look at it as a potential crypto to invest in as from the way it's looking and my experience it's only dominate the music industry! Kudps


Yep definitely making bittrex account for this :D


@danielwong Get at it quick bro if u wanna invest thank me later with a nice burger of urs :P haha

You’re getting twice as much on Musicoin now as to when that chart was made! $0.04 per stream equivalent right now.


Respect true that, and it's only way is UP! All the Way Up hahah ;)

Brother, you rock a lot. Well done!



Salute! tq

Wow, nice. I will like to join . I am an artist but I have not recoreded any song yet.
Can any song be uploaded there. I mean even gospel songs?
And is it doing any referral program?



@seyiodus Salute sistah, thank u for checkin out the post. Yes u can def register and upload ur song as long as you own the rights meaning its urs as for genre yes u can there is lots of gospel artists there also. As for referral u get 5 invites upon being verified (approved)


Oh, okay. So how do I get verified?


When you go to registration at some point they ask u to connect all your other social media links to prove who u claim you are process. You connect your facebook, soundclound and the likes. very easy to follow instructions .

Wow. This sounds amazing. @serapium and @abyni we should check this out asap


Thank you for the feedback and putting the word out, Kudos!

I heard it was a big ass scamerino so I'm just gonna chill here like all the cool kids.

  ·  last year (edited)

@vibekilla How an actually working platform be a scam?


@vibekilla if u got any music or any of ur homies do this is the best place to promote and earn

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well done my friend @djlethalskillz last night I ask you about how I can help my musicians friends being kind of like a "crypto-agent" I will DM you later about it! Congrats!


@el-cr mah man! Kudos on the feedback appreciate it, def would love to assist u just saw ur discord msg and replied. U can do it! Salute ;)

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That's awesome. There are so many struggling musicians. I love the idea of blockchains opening up new realms of possibilities never imagined.


blockchain is revolutionizing the music industry as we speak, if ur a musician check Musicoin! Salute

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