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I know everyone want to get an update on upvote, comment your post , resteem, etc.

So if you been active in steemit , you must have heard of the telegram notification that some steemian used.

But recently i been testing out a system called GinaBot . its sweeeeetttttt . the coolest bot ever.

Check out my video . and here is the introduce yourself post by gina

Good luck and have fun.


Why Am I Here

Daniel Doughty loves his community and ideas but hates writing. Steemit is a brilliant platform that would help him express his thoughts and helps him practise his writing, he hopes to get better at it.

He is now a self proclaim steemit evangelist and preacher , encouraging his community in Borneo to use steemit as a bridge to the outside world to build awareness, showcase talents and most importantly to create wealth for themselves.

To find out more on what he does, click HERE

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a wonderful vlog, good luck @danieldoughty

Cheers , thanks for dropping by

Wao so Gud work

Thank you sir