Photo Trip To Jerantut Pahang

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This week got another long weekend holiday again in Malaysia, decided to go outstation photo shooting, have been long time wish to visit this small town in state of Pahang in Malaysia call Jerantut, a gate way before you want to go into Malaysia forest reserve ( Taman Negara ). Jerantut is a very small town and i spend 2 days 1 night there as my main interest is to shoot the sea of cloud during sunrise at Bukit Seladang there. Day 1 manage to go visit Gua Kota Gelanggi and waterfall Lata Meraung, lucky enough to get a good sunset shoot at the hill beside my hotel. Day 2 morning get up at 5am and take a very steep climb up Bukit Seladang, unfortunately the weather is not good, too cloudy and miss the sunrise, definitely will try my luck next round as the sunrise is very beautiful at this location.

Below is some of the photos i manage to get from Jerantut.











Hope you like this and do follow me in future for more beautiful place in Malaysia.

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Are they photoshopped? I think they are...

All good photos are. Or least goes through a short Lightroom session.

Give me the best Photoshop and i still wont get pictures of that level though.

It's nothing wrong if they were photoshopped

Owh i agree!! nothing wrong with Photoshop! Even Photoshopping in of itself is a skill. Which is what is being shown here by talented @anthonywong.

I agree! More often than not, Photoshopping helps the image to appear even closer to what we see with our naked eyes. And brings out all the nuances of the photo.

All above photos is process by using photo editing software Photomatix and final touch up by Lightroom, hope you like the photo

Amazing images!

awesome photo :) keep sharing :)

Wow the pictures are amazing! :D

I never knew Pahang has a beautiful place like this. Now this makes me wanna visit Pahang!

Thanks you

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Awesome photos!

Thanks you

Beautiful pics!! =)
Thanks for this post.

Beautiful photos, definitely will visit Malaysia one day!:)

Thank you

Amazing nature, but even more amazing photos. Each and every is pure art. keep a good work, followed.

Thanks you

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Thanks you

Awesome ! These pictures are absolutely stunning. Some of the pictures are just like 3D effects. Keep on posting.

Thanks you

these photos are mesmerizing, for a second i felt like i was there. i wonder what's it like to actually be there and photograph this moment myself. anyway i'd like you to please visit my profile and upvote my posts if u'd like to. again, these photos are amazing. cheers :)

Thanks you

Beautiful place, I love the interior cave photo.

Thanks you

Good photo!

Thanks you

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The photos are photoshopped very nicely. They are looking very nice. I would have loved to make youtube video on them if you would have shared real images with me. Wonderful....

Thanks you

Hey, my name is Nadine and I am new on steemit. I would be happy if you could check out my post as well and follow back. Thank you:-)
I really like your post. Nice!

Thanks you

Some great photos you have there!

Thanks you

only one word that can describe these photos ... just WOW !

Thanks bro

Pictures are too beautiful. You really are one of the best photographer i've come across.

Not to mention that your post-processing skills are "Lit AF" . 👌👌

Thanks you

Your pictures are beautiful!!! Loved the one uphill showing the jungle. Great area I guess!

uuu I should do this. Head to Jerantut for domestic adventure.


Upvoted and RESTEEMED :)

Thanks you

Nice post

Thanks you

Brilliant photo's! Thanks for sharing :)

Amazing photos bro. U shld post for contest and u stand a good chance to win. No kidding.

Thanks you


Wow, the photos of the caves are just so awesome! You got a good eye for capturing nature. Keep it up!

Very talented man..please follow my acc @bensonp