TeamMalaysia MyJuniors #1 - Official Starts

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Last Saturday marks the official start of TeamMalaysia MyJuniors lead by @elizacheng at IOI Boulevard, Puchong. MyJuniors focus on nurturing kids to unleash their full creativity and potential to create contents under their parent's supervision, and this doesn't just benefit kids but their parents too by spending time together bonding.


The event theme was Chinese New Year Decoration using Angpau (Red Packet) and we have a good amount of kids ranging from 2 to 12 years old participating on that day.

Kids getting their water tattoo on

Kids and parents started to arrive​ at 10.00AM and kids got all excited by the balloon that was ready. By 11.00AM, @elizacheng started to settle down the kids for some ice breaking session, introduce the kids to their facilitators @zord189, @wendygoh, @joannewong, @littlenewthings, and started to assign the kids to them.

Settling down the kids around a circle, and introduce each other before assigning facilitators

Official Babysitter of The Day, @zord189 entertaining​ the kids with @wendygoh and the help of parents as well

@joannewong with her group of kids with the help of @coloringiship

@littlenewthings handling some angpau for her group

Kids learned how to make lantern by using the angpau ready to them with the guidance​ of the facilitators​ and their parents as well, but some of the kids are just easily distracted by the balloons around them 😂. During the mid of the event, @positivesteem had come all the way from Kuching, Sarawak to support​ today's event.

While every kid was​ busy making lantern, little Joel decided to drink like a boss on the sofa

By 12.00PM, all the kids have​ finally made their lanterns and started showing it to their parents and their friends around. We had a group photo session together with all the kids and their lanterns, facilitators​, and parents in the end.

Group Photo Session by our Official Photographer, @orangila

We also had a small surprise​ for @davidke20 and @francesaw for their 12th anniversary celebrated together with a blow and cut cake ceremony to end our MyJuniors event for the day. Kids are having their good timing eating cakes, playing with their friends and balloons.

@francesaw cutting the cake while @orangila taking some shots

Enjoy those yummy cake

Chloe, the Pokemon-Go girl enjoying her cake

Thirsty for some packet drink

Group photo with @positivesteem and @zord189

While the kids and parents were enjoying the food and drinks, we​ started to pack, clean up the venue and call it a day.Before calling it a day, we took our committee group photo (boomerang) before going down for lunch​.

Special thanks to all committee​ which include @bitrocker2020, @littlenewthings, @zord189, @joannewong, @davidke20, @wendygoh, @orangila, @karinzdailygrind, @khimgoh, and myself for making this event a success and more MyJuniors will be organized​ in the future as well.

MyJuniors Official Video

MyJunior Official Photo

Head to our Official Photographer, @orangila's post here to view picture that he took.

After Event

All committee members have lunch together at one of the restaurants​ located nearby our venue as @bitrocker2020 has a flight to catch at 2.00PM to KK, Sabah for the MasterClass Bootcamp. While we were having lunch, the ​discussion has already started for the next MyJuniors​ events and CNY Gathering as well.

Lunch Wefie, credit to @joannewong

Thanks @bitrocker2020 for the lunch before he grabs​ his ride off and other committees​ members went for 2nd round at a nearby cafe that sells all sort of Durian products ranging from ice-cream, pizza, rice to yee-shang (Yep, there's Durian Yee Shang available 😱).

Musang King Softserve

Durian Yee Shang, dare to try it?

We went off around 3.30PM back home to get some rest before attending the Burger Tasting Event hosted by @danielwong at night (Will continue this on another post)

Hello, I'm Aaron Leang from Team Malaysia

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Wow! Awesome post!

Good write up, great photos and videos. But the durian yee sang is definitely the highlight of your post! Wonder who would eat that?!


Ask @karinzdailygrind 😂, she's been wanted to tapau actually but they don't have ready stock at that moment else she would have tried it.


haha.. looking forward to your review post @karinzdailygrind


Haha..I wish I can review it @ladylei. Unfortunately, as what @aaronleang pointed out they couldn't prepare the yee sang on time and I needed to rush off elsewhere so I didn't manage to try it. It was an eye opener though as we had absolutely no idea such thing existed prior to that...But do try their ice cream if you are a durian lover as their ice cream are pretty good

How many kids did you have to handle, @aaronleang?


I handle zero kids haha, I'm there to take videos and photos but of course, ​help out handling oso lar 🙈, I remember there's around 15 of them.


Hahaha! That's a lot of kids wei! Cameraman duty all day every day!


Next round will be even more 😂

Thank you for sharing the photos @aaronleang . I wanna hijack one later to put on my post, if you don't mind XD


Haha sure, welcome to use the photos 😊

Hi Aaron, this post is most meaningful for the kids and the community of Malaysia as a whole. Kids needed guided education these days due to many negative factors which will influence them in their up brings. Cheers for this wonderful post