FIRST Customer to PAY STEEM for Big Hug Burger!

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MONDAY! MONDAY! MONDAY! The only Monday which isn't that blue at all, and you asked why? That's because Big Hug Burger has started to accept STEEM as a payment for their Burger! Here's the announcement notice from my previous post just in case you missed.

Once the clock strikes 5.30 PM, I packed up my stuff and drive heading towards North to Setapak as it is the closest branch to my house. Fighting through the slow traffic jam around Jalan Pahang and Jalan Genting Kelang, it took me around 20 minutes to arrive Big Hug instead of 7 minutes drive.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by @danielwong and his wife @happycrazycon just outside the premise. He proceeds to show me the new menu that he has prepared for Steemians, there are a few burgers, pasta and finger foods up for selection which all come with free flow soft drinks and french fries/sausage. I've ordered the Mario Beef Burger extra Bacon with Sausage (2 STEEM), and proceed my payment.

Burger paid with STEEM, credit to @happycrazycon

My Wallet History

Me with @danielwong showing our transaction on the phone, credit to @happycrazycon

I'm officially becoming the First Customer paying STEEM for a Big Hug Burger, kudos to @danielwong for offering such payment for us, Steemians. Now, this will become one of my camping spots to do my work 😆 as a digital nomad, if you encounter me here, say "Hi" to me 😬. Definitely would love to meet other Steemians here and can become our TT (yumcha) place too.

Big Hug Burger paid in STEEM

Time to Eat

If you are still sceptical about Steemit then you better think twice about it, I've proved to you using STEEM to get your very own first meal which is a lot easier now compare a few months ago which you need to convert your crypto into fiat (RM) before spending it.

Have a good Tuesday! As I'm busy packing my stuff for tomorrow 🙈 Stay tuned!

Just in case you asked, Big Hug Burger operated in 2 location which is PV 128, Setapak and Subang Square, SS15.

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That is amazing @aaronleang and @and @danielwong - that's what the future looks like!

Hey @aaronleang , Congratulation becoming the first customer... cheers friend ..


Thanks bro @veenang 😆

Awesome initiative by BHB and congrats for being their first customer paying with Steem.


So happy for you and so proud of Big Hug. Congratulations to @danielwong and @jasonwes77 for daring up this action. ✌


💪🏻 Steem On!

If only it's in Penang. 😕


Wait @danielwong branch it out 😆 or you can come visit KL

Woah, you guys had so much fun there! Paying burgers through Steemit is simply a brilliant idea. :D


Looking forward to all shops around Malaysia adopting STEEM and SBD as payment 😆

How exciting, to pay for a meal with Steem! 😊 I bet that was a wonderful experience, and the burger looks so tasty! CONGRATULATIONS on being the first such customer!

What is that in the basket with the burger, though? You mentioned fries/sausage, but that doesn't look like either of those two.


Thanks @thekittygirl 😆, it's actually a long sausage cut into half and covered with cheese and mayo haha 🙈


Congrats on making history, bro!


🙌🏻 embed into the blockchain

True heaven for Steemians. Damn, I feel like want to pay a visit there now. For sure I will have my Steem burger one day!


Haha, you should, let us all know when you coming over


Definitely I will man. Somewhere around this month I will go KL but with a tight schedule.

Now I got extra reason to blog more for burgers. Setapak is so near to my uni 😂 I can munch burgers anytime I want 😂


Oh so near! Jio me when you're around haha 😂

Nice to have met you, @aaronleang! :) Always like to look at the photos you take! Hope to see you around more.


Nice to meet you too @happycrazycon 😆, I'm just 15 min drives away

haha, nice


Best indeed!

I imagine a very special hamburger with meat, cheese and tomato sauce. Regards @aaronleang


Yes, nice burger + STEEM = perfect combination 😆

Must resteem juga. 😁


Thanks 😆 @iamjadeline

This is great!!!! @aaronsuncamacho accepts payment in Steem for the products he sells. I am not sure if anyone has paid that way yet. Hopefully soon!