Official Team Malaysia Gathering #1 - Big Hug Burger SS15

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Yup that's the crazy bunch of us, Team Malaysia

13/1/2018, Special Saturday to be remembered as it was our first official Team Malaysia Gathering here at @danielwong's Big Hug Burger in SS15, Subang Jaya. My day started around 9.30 AM heading downwards south to pick up the new Team Malaysia Bunting and head west to SS15. Being the first person to reach Big Hug Burgers around 10.30 AM, I proceed to set up the Bunting in advance before others arrive.

My Journey

Bunting set up complete (01 Write | 02 Vote | 03 Earn)

Around 11 AM, @bitrocker2020 came together with @awesomianist, which came all the way from Miri, Sarawak and also @danieldoughty with his wife @viverridae, which come all the way from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It's been a pleasure to finally meet them in person, which to tell us all Steemians are real 😆.

While waiting for the crowd to arrive at 12 PM, I've taken my time to start taking some photos around the venue before filled up with Steemians. As was told, it will have about 60+ steemians will be attending today's event as oppose we targeted 70, but still is an amazing record for a start.

Famous Big Hug Burger, can't miss this 1

Nice ambient lighting brighten up the place and plenty of seats

The Counter

The Big Hug Burger's kitchen where those juicy burgers came from 😏 and kitchen crew began prepping for the event

Steemians begins to fill up the empty spaces around the restaurant and voila~! little that we knew the gathering had just started. Free flow of side dishes have been served beside the kitchen table and @danielwong is busying taking orders from steemians at the counter. Everyone waits patiently for their orders and are super excited for those STEEM Big Hug Burger to fill up their tummy.

That's me with lots of Steemian behind enjoy their food and mingling around

@elizacheng having some hard time deciding which burger to order 😬, while @branlee87 and his wife patiently wait

Kitchen crew firing up the orders

Free flow of side dishes

Everyone having good time, good talk and good meal

Finally, it's my turn to order up after taking photos and videos around the premises. I've ordered the grilled lamb burger and top it up with some side dishes as well, and just in time before @bitrocker2020 settle down everyone and start giving his speech about the latest stats of Team Malaysia author and payout, steemfest Asia/Malaysia, @sireh giving steemit talks at the Museum Negara this coming Jan 23rd, @elizacheng on her Steem Junior projects this coming Feb, competition for design Team Malaysia T-shirt and the announcement of Big Hug accepting STEEM as payment for orders

Speech time

My Grilled Lamb Burger, it may look small in the picture but it's actually quite big in size

Thanks @notimetospace for this stickers

Looking forward to continuing growing the teammalaysia community here together and the upcoming steemfest Asia/Malaysia which could possibly be in Sept 2018 according to @bitrocker2020. Good time always passes fast, and it brings us to our next session which is group photo. Prep up my mini tripod and find the perfect angles, sorry if you weren't taken clearly or cropped.

Team Malaysia Group Photo

About 4 PM, we're been chased out politely as they need to close down the restaurant, and like any event that @maverickfoo hosted back in those days, which will take quite an effort to chase everybody out from the venue 😂.

Steemians continue mingling outside of the premise

The event went successfully and I'm able to meet lots of new steemians but time doesn't allow me to talk to everyone 😅. Hopefully, we'll meet at the next gathering or discord me for a TT (Yumcha) session.

Enjoy this short video clip that I've made for the gathering!

Special shoutout to our committee member who helps out on the event

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I'm so gonna join the next 1 !!


Yes! 😆


Double Yes-es

A steemit gathering in a place that accepts Steem as payment, what a perfect match.


Yes! That's the spirit of Steemit

wow nice one team Malaysia and the scene quite nice, can feel the food scent from my pc away always love meetup, gets to see different steemians and also hear their own steemit adventure and story, really its quite fun


If you're in Malaysia, do try it out 😆

Nice lo.. hoping that I can make it for the next one.


More to come bro 😆, stay tuned in discord



win liao ... best 1


Mana ade, got more best 1 🙈


That day ask you come jor 😆, later pergi 🙌🏻


that day i told u liao i not free

you got a crazy crowd there!!!!!!! that's a big gathering! wow!!! BRAVO #teammalaysia


We intend to make it even bigger next time 😆


that's great, it's good to socialize and support each other =)

Wow, must have been great fun! It's a good idea to gather together the Steemian community in your country... Maybe I will organize a Hungarian meetup... Thanks for the idea! :-)


Yes! You should do it 🙌🏻


Alright! Thanks for the encouragement! :-)

Woow this is amazing, this got me wishing I was in Malaysia to connect with you guys. Amazing people right there


Let us know when you're around KL, 😆 you be greeted by warm Malaysian

I'm completely jealous! This looks like an amazing gathering in a wicked cool place! However, your post made me feel like I was there (and that short video clip was wicked awesome). Nicely done!


Thanks @traciyork 😆 don't be jealous! I'm sure you have the same amazing people there too 😂.

More to improve on my videos and photography skill 😊


I know there are some in my area, but I haven't connected with them in person. Yet. 😆

Granted, there's always room for improvement with most skills, but I think yours were very good in this post. 😊

wow never knew your country was this beautiful , hope to see more of ur post sir


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