Dust And Shadows Season 2! Open to all.

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For those of you that don't know. Im @swolesome and this is my game!

Nefarious forces have selected a worthy foe. Your old adversary Brooks has been claimed by the Dark. And is now expelled from the afterlife, his power grows when you die. But he loses power when you slay him. Over the past few weeks he has accumulated a gang of cutthroats, murderers and merciless highway men hell bent on taming the west under his banner.

Your goal is to stop them at all costs by creating a gang of your own. Rob trains, save prisoners and out run the law as you try to build your posse.

No matter how many times it kills you.

Your goal is to pick between two choices and hope your characters, stats, items and lady luck keep you alive. Two players can choose the same action and one of them still dies due to attributes and dice.

Set in the American Wild West. You find yourself unable to stay dead. Unseen forces are tethering you into conflict with your ex-friend Brooks. Can you topple his little empire before he tames the west for the Dark?

How to play
There will be Story Posts.
Each Story post will have a detailed scenario for each player, they will be given two options and 6 days to respond with their choice.
The goal is to die as little as possible and do everything you can to gather a sizeable gang to defeat the schemes of Brooks.

Like I said before here are the players already in the game.



You lift your face from the bar. After a few days of having immortality you realize nothing is sweeter than the sweet sleep of a whiskey nap. You wipe the dried liquid off your face. Your head feels like it was a hammer and bedrocks were the nails

In your daze you pick up the snippets of a conversation. "Dead man walks, white hat, stupid grin, Redrock Canyon." Even in your inebriated state you feel hatred brewing in your heart.

That backstabber Brooks is not dead? And he is in your old hideout? That's just offensive.

You stumble out in a drunken rage. And find out that you can not find your horse.

You look down the dusty streets. Barely anyone is out during noon. Next to you is a horse, tethered to a post. He looks fast.

Two options.

  1. Steal the horse.
  2. Walk to the canyon.

Players have until May 30th to respond.

If you want to join just send me @swolesome 1 (one) steem.

Good luck!


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I am TOTALLY stealing that horse. :)


Not saying I am surprised.




heyyyyyyyyyyyyy we play together again!!!! and girl - i'm taking that horse too LOLOLOL


ahahaha, HALLAAAH, girl!! let's git on that horsey and ride!!


Stealing the horse, duhhhhh. Screw walking.


Popular choice so far.

Being in a drunken rage, I fight my urge to steal the horse, I stumble down the street, knowing that if I pass out I wont be to far from town, and I save myself from passing out on horseback and falling off. So damned the heat, and the dust, I set my feet on the well worn trail to my old hideout. Damn posse's left a trail even a drunken fool like me could follow.


Good details.


Do I need to give 1 Steem for every round? I am unsure of that, but last season looked kind of fun the ones I poked my nose in to look at.


No, one steem lasts the entire season. As more people join ill increase the buy in.


It's mine now ;)


Haha. Noted.

@swolesome, common sense would say take the horse, but my current condition doesn't let me arrive at that conclusion. I set out on foot, hell-bent on confronting that dirty dog of a back-stabber, Brooks.


Journey of a thousand miles...


LOL...one step at a time...

Can I send 1sbd as I don't have any steem??


My sensible self says "pounding head and horse riding while drunk...... meh I think I'll walk then I can creep up on them quietly" I can steal a horse later when I feel better lol :)



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I try to do the honorable thing and abide by my sense of right and wrong so I won't steal the horse, I'll walk to the canyon.


Man of honor nice.

i look to see if i still have my six shooter on me loaded... Confirming I DO have my gun on me, I make a break for that horse... roll that d20... cmon high roll....

If i realize i Don't have my gun on me... and im some worthless POS with no money around town, i look for the horse water stall and give myself a wake up call, drink some water and hit the canyon for a sobering walk.

Resteemed! if you havent done one of these from @swolesome i recommend it, they are fun



Your pockets are empty as you recall losing your pistol to a busty redhead over a game of poker.

P.s where'd you get that gif of our last camping trip?


oh wow. lol TMI


What happens in the canyon stays in the canyon.