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I want to start out with an apology for missing last week—while I intended to keep working through the mod hiatus at our server, the transition to grad school and cross-country move wiped me out, and I rather lost track of time. It took me several days to realize I’d skipped last week’s post. I’m sure there were plenty of interesting posts that would have been included, though, and I’m sorry to have missed them. Lots of love, @tessaragabrielle


Welcome to the sixth edition of Powa Moves, our English-language curation post boosting some of the great writing and art posted under the #teamgirlpowa tag. We love the awesome feminist and women-centered work y’all put out—keep it up!


Many names, a flower. by @astrea

This post features helpful tips for growing a particular kind of flower, and includes several lovely photographs. It’s a nice little reminder to look around at the natural beauty of the world.

They're colorful flowers, the kind that bring joy. And the most curious thing from my point of view, is that when you think of a flower you imagine the sensation of its soft petals, but in this case, when you touch them the texture is absolutely as if it were paper, in fact if you fold the petal a little, it "sounds" like paper.

I am Africa by @tezmel

This gorgeous poem describes Africa as it has been, is, and could be. @tezmel’s ode to the continent is a stirring piece of writing—check it out!

I am her sexy long beaches
binding land and sea like stitches.
I am the loud music
ever present on her vibrant streets;
the unending party
that is her addictive nightlife;
I am the beauty of her chaotic markets;
the richness blended in her traditional cuisines.

Believe You Are Enough by @shawnamawna

This simple little lyrical piece feels like an understanding hug. It is for survivors and for anyone bruised by the world, anyone who struggles to believe they have worth.

I am not the shape they molded me into. But, in order to be more, I must believe I am enough.
And so must you.
There is no compulsion even excepting I believe even the predator has value; if they knew their worth they would witness what exists in everyone.

Your Decisions-100 Days of Poetry Challenge: Day Ninety Five by @trucklife-family

This is such an interesting poem, and it evokes a lot of questions in the reader. It’s intense, and the last two lines pop!

Sink deep into your thoughts,
What is this purpose that you fought,
What lies within, that makes you think,
that all that we upheld, is left to shrink.

Real Talk: My Experience with Suicidal Thoughts & the Effect of Suicide in my life. by @byn

This is a deep and emotionally touching post, on a very important topic which has been in the news this past week. Very much a recommended read.

My husband was at work when we found out, and because I was 8 months pregnant and had a history of pretty serious emotional health issues myself, my husband broke every speed limit getting home to me.
I actually managed to hold it all together remarkably well, actually. I had to because my mom did not. I have yet to see anything as devastating as my mother’s reaction to her middle child’s unexpected death by suicide.

Cherry by @malloryblythe

This is an intense freewrite based on a true story (check the comments on the post for specifics), related to another important topic.

How did she get to the bar and who brought her? Was she talking to anyone? Did she leave her drink somewhere? She couldn’t remember. Her eyes began to close as her arms collapsed under her, holding onto her last remaining moments of consciousness for dear life.

Creative Writing – '2070' (Part One) by @aislingcronin

Last but certainly not least, a speculative fiction story based on a dream, from the ever-lovely @aislingcronin. Very excited to read part two, when it comes!

'Murphy would love to walk, if she could,' Michael says disconsolately, staring down at his tired dog. 'I know she would. She hates being carried.'
Murphy can only gaze sadly at him in return. She is, without question, his best friend. They've always stuck together.

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“I have come to believe over and over again that what is most important to me must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood…for it is not difference which immobilizes us, but silence.” – Audre Lorde

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Thank you so much for the shoutout! 😊❤😍 I can't wait to read the other posts too.

You write expressively well... :)

Thank you for the support <3 I shall go check out the other posts as well.

Wow! A lot of great stuff this week! Thanks for putting this together, @tessaragabrielle!

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