Just a reminder that this contest ends in 24 hours—we hope you still plan to submit something!

I'm having troubles finding my fury. Now if you have a contest for posting about feeling completely overwhelmed by depression and OTHER people's depression... I could write the hell out of that. I'm sorry.

The responses weren’t all fury—we got a wide range of stuff. I’m sad you weren’t able to jump in, and I hope you feel less overwhelmed soon. ❤️

Me too. Things have been really... well, really NOT good here and it's been all I can do to just write the more fluffy/unemotional stuff. I haven't been able to 'dig deep' on any issues without it sending me into a tailspin these past couple of weeks. I'm ready for a vacation from emotional stuff! :) I appreciate the reminder and the support, even though I wasn't able to participate this time.

Sweet!! Thanks!!

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