My Success at Building an IKEA Bunk bed for the kids.

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Not sure if I'm the only person in the world that loves building IKEA furniture, but I do. It's like a big adult puzzle with tools. And I've always loved puzzles and tools so this is great.


Anyways we don't have a massive house so our plan is to bunk our kids together in a room, to free up one room for more kids hopefully. This left me with the task of building this bed. Not sure what happened to my wife, but she somehow slipped away and left it all to me.

The instructions are always just photos and you really need to pay attention since many of the pieces will fit multiple ways. I assume the lack of words makes it so they only need to print one set of instructions of the whole world, which leads me to ask all my international friends if IKEA is in fact worldwide of just in North America.


Anyways the pile didn't look to bad once I sorted it out properly, there was really only a couple different parts and it was really just a repeating pattern.


I started by just building the two ends. This is really the only part I had to play close attention as some had two holes and others had three and they would have fit in both spots.


It was really a quick process and I was on a sweet roll so I skipped a few photos and steps and jumped right ahead to this step. From this point it was just tapping in all the support pieces for the mattress.


Before I moved it off the cardboard I had to add a step to the instructions. The felt feetie step. I'm crazy about these things and put them on everything in the house. The wife even likes to tell stories about how I chased around all the moving men to put feet on everything before they set them down on the floors.


Once the floor was protected I was able to slide it into the corner and add the rails and ladder. The ladder was the last step that needed a bit of concentration and a quick consult with the wife to ensure it was on the right side and in the right spot.


Last was to toss the mattress back on and wait for the kids to come home from daycare.


My wife has the video of the kids coming home and the excitement to having the new bed. It was so cute. It's been a bit of a challenge to get them to go to sleep now, but they are slowly adjusting.

It took maybe 2 hours and I paid attention when I had to so there were no frustrating mistakes. I'd say a total success!

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Success ! YES ! . . . I'll share with you . . . a bit. . .I have foster kids, so I have . . . repeatedly . . . had to build, take apart, and rebuild several times, . . . bunk beds and cribs. . . .it's always a joy to see kids enjoy the comfort of a new bed :)


Thanks man! The joy in there faces was the best part for sure.

Sweet. You did a good job on it! Any time my wife comes home with Ikea or Jysk furniture I end up being frustrated with the half turn screw head holder things (probably not what theyre called) and just grab the nail gin and construction glue.

Yeah, you gotta get out the real tools, that crap they package with it is terrible!

You are not the only one that likes putting things together. Every new piece of furniture that needs assembling...especially Ikea stuff comes to me to be put together. I love it, sometimes it can be a pain like with my television stand but other times it is quite fun and satisfying once you are done. Looks great, hope the kiddos like their new bunk bed.

Yeah they love it, still getting used to staying in the same room, but there having fun. I have come across a few really frustrating ones over the years as well.

Success! Did you have any random left over bits? I think IKEA throws in a few random screws and such just to screw with me whenever I put something together haha

Lots of extra bits actually, but nothing like the play structure I had to assemble I had extra unopened packages or screws, made me a little nervous.

Nice looking bunk beds. U did it. My biggest fear is a box of furniture I have to assemble lol

I'm starting to wonder why we're even friends man, you hate everything I like, chainsaws, running, kids, Must be the silver

Your words hurt :)

Great job putting it together :)

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Awww! The sweet memories of IKEA! We "built" IKEA furniture when we had kids (40+) years ago. Then as each son moved into their own place (4 sons) we again put together IKEA furniture. Now, with the arrival of grandchildren, we are at it again. Perhaps we should do a commercial for IKEA? Just a quick question...What do you do with the extra screws?

I just chuck all the extras into my random screw drawer in the garage. Sounds like you have lots of IKEA experience.

If you could get a degree in putting IKEA together, I would have one!

nice work @phelimint keep it up

I enjoy putting it together as well, when I got to NY and moved into a reasonable sized unfurnished apartment i went to Ikea and bought every bit of furniture I needed from there

took me a few weekends to everything put together but I enjoyed doing it all :)

That's sweet, sounds like a fun little assembly task.

It was, funny thing was , on the last weekend as I was screwing in the last bit on the last bit of furniture and asked me If I would go on mission for a Month or so, flew out the next day and was away for a year

My boys sure love their Canadian tire bunk bed.
I kinda wish I had a bunk bed sometimes...

I had one at camp and it was so great when I was a kid. I like to hang out on the bottom sometimes, I'm not convinced the top of the ladder will hold me though.

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you are artist keep going :)

IKEA is Sweden-based, I believe, and in dozens of countries. Pretty smart doing their instructions visually.

I would have loved this bunk-bed as a kid! Hope your fingers don't hurt too much after all that assembling.

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Nice work Daddy-O!!!