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Hey, it's me, @riverflows! For those of you that know me, you'll know that I've been posting on Steemit for nearly two years now, mainly with my Natural Medicine hat on (I co-founded @naturalmedicine). Of course, I'm totally biased about my own tribe, but I'm also really supportive of all the tribes. These front ends have soooo much potential to onboard users who might be interested in that niche, and onboarding is something that can help the Steem price rise, which benefits everyone, right?

I was pretty excited to see the new Talking Point tribe quietly arrive on the scene. We live in tumultuous times and it's more important than ever that our voices are heard. Steem of course gives us the opportunity to be uncensored, which is revolutionary to say the least. I also believe it gives us the opportunity to discuss our views with others in an intelligent way. Left and right mingle here, quite happily for the most part. And if you don't like a post or an opinion, you can always mosy on by, unless you're a crazy ass rage downvoter on a rampage. I've learnt more about world politics than ever being on this platform, and had my views questioned and challenged more than once. I welcome these challenges to my world view because it pulls me out of my bubble.

As a curator/senator/mod on Talking Point, I'm particularly interested in supporting Australian content. I'll be upvoting good quality posts and comments whether they're left or right - to me, it's not really about your opinon, but your freedom to express that opinion - but when an Australian post comes along, I'll be doing my uttmost to help you be heard, upvoting in POINT from this account and in SP from my other account, @riverflows, plus sharing in a few channels that might get you seen a little bit more where I can. And if you're a new user and need a hand, I'm pretty good at doing that too.

Australia might be so far down under people don't quite understand us or even know what goes on here, but here we are, and voices we have. Whether you have a huge desire to chuck a tinnie at Sco-Mo or rant about the goings on in your local neck of the CBD in Sydney or Melbourne, or if you're ranting about Australia's place in international affairs, it'd be awesome to get #auspolitics happening on Steemit.

To do that, please:

You'll notice that TalkingPoint has a 3 day payout window for point tokens, which is awesome given how fast politics moves. Join in and notice that many of the senators are also upvoting comments - engagement in wider debate is part of the game, and I'll be upvoting good comments when I can as well. Don't be thinking I'm going to be biased - well, of course I will a little bit, but I'll reward a good argument even if I don't like what you are saying (unless it's nasty, in which case, yeah, I may not upvote you!).

Currently, I'm running a challenge on Steem where you can win 50 STEEM for Australian content tagged #auspolitics posted from Read more about it here.

Join in - make your point.

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Have you seen this piece?

3 days reward payout is fast move in politics. You are such awesome with #auspolitics but truely I've no much more information about astralia politics. But try to pick some points to post 🙃

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I occasionally do write about Australia and Australian Politics. I'll try to remember to use #auspolitics next time.

Thanks @buggedout! Appreciate the support! I only write about it occasionally too, but it would be nice to have a place for it on Steem! Xx

It's current events. Politics is a bad word. Politicians should be shot (figuratively not literally, I'd be happy if they were just taken out back and tarred and feathered). 😁😁😁

Is Aus politics even worth writing about? Is any?