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A bitcoin powered card for AUD transactions is your signature away...

Hi again #teamaustralia. After the feedback from my post last night (thanks @stocka), I've launched a petition to encourage to introduce an Australian dollar denominated bitcoin card.

Here's the spiel:

There’s precious little in terms of choice when it comes to “debanking” options for Australians. For those unaware of the term, debanking refers to an individual’s ability to remove themselves as clients of the banking system and all the restrictions that it entails.
For now, the majority of Australians are tied to a system of employment whereby currency is earned, taxed and deposited into a bank account but there are options regarding what those funds can then be used for.

Wirex is a company that offers a card akin to a normal bank card with the important difference being that it is able to be funded via bitcoin. This is an important feature as it provides the ability to free ourselves from bank issued cards when transacting.

Unfortunately, Wirex currently only provides support for USD, GBP and EUR accounts which means that transactions made on these cards in any other currency attract a 3% currency conversion fee. This is a cost prohibitive issue.

This petition is to illustrate to Wirex the level of demand for Australian Dollar support in the hope that they will introduce a card denominated in AUD. This would provide a significant improvement in transaction freedom by allowing Australians to convert their earnings into bitcoin and then essentially use that to spend with a card.

Show your support here!

Please resteem and share this link as the more support we can get, the more chance of this becoming a reality for us.

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Yes this would make life allot easier for us here in oz


G'day @adamhole. Thanks for your agreement. I'm ashamed to say I've not heard of you before but having a quick squiz at your profile and website I'm intrigued to learn more. I'm into guitars too but in a much smaller way than you due to there only being one of me and only 24hrs each day. Would love to see one of your gigs and maybe meet one day as we'd have a bit in common it seems.

Anyway mate, back on topic, you'd seem to have a large following that would likely give our little petition a nice boost of exposure if you felt so inclined to resteem or promote in any way you feel is appropriate. A song about it would go a long way (tongue in cheek perhaps!)

All the best Adam. Following you.

Hi; my name is Raphael, and I am the community manager for Wirex. I will pass on your article to the main decision makers and see what we can do.
Feel free to get in contact with me directly; my email is:


That's wonderful news Raphael @communitymanager thanks so much for your input. I'd like to touch base with you in the near future for a little more insight. FYI this is one of a number of threads I've posted supporting the petition. Appreciated!


Yes please; I would be happy to hear from you. I'm currently running a few webinars and we actually wanted to invite you for some potential collaboration. We like your Jazz. I have been told that we are in the process of incorporating more currencies; and because of your petition the AUD is highlighted as a priority. I cannot make any promises but watch this space!
Just drop me a line on my email and we can get the ball rolling.

Signed, resteemed and (ugh!) shared at Facebook too.


I share the (ugh!) @hammaraxx. I felt the same when I shared on Facebook myself. It's pretty toxic over there these days.

Great idea. Signed. I have a story about how I got fucked over by an Australian bank re bitcoin. I will write a post about it soon. So I would to have a bitcoin debit card.


That sounds like an experience shared by many @choogirl and it's exactly why I'm hearing the term "debanking" more commonly now. Looking forward to hearing your particular story with that Australian bank. Following you.

resteem and hope you guy have a big success.


Awesome @wilkinshui. It would be uplifting to see us able to influence the direction of product offerings in this industry so the more signatures the better ✍

Thank you.

Good on ya @nolnocluap. Just signed your petition.


Thanks for the support @cryptodog 😎

how much do you need in your account for this to go through ,i put all my details in after it said you do not have enough in your account my money will be in pounds as i live in the i left it intending to go back at a later date.


Hi @elizabethmurray, thanks for your support. To be clear, we're not actually asking for financial donations - although its very kind of you to have offered. is a free service that allows people to sign or basically add their details in support of a cause. They do have a "sustainer" page where people can donate to the operation of the site but this is obviously optional & I'm unaware of it impacting any petitions directly. Is this what you filled out?

If you support our cause then your signature on our petition page would be appreciated ☺


pressed wrong button,got it right this time signed and shared


Awesome and thank you @elizabethmurray. Nice to have some UK supporters given that's where Wirex is based.

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$33.52? That's a 1oz silver coin 😢

i signed for wirex and their bitcoin price is so low compared to other online bitcoin cards

Signed and resteemed


Thanks mate!


Thanks @wakeupworldnews. I like your username by the way. Followed.