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Gday everyone,

I mentioned the other day that I would like to have Team Australia start taking their community into the real world and showing the value and good that crypto can do for the community.

Inspired by the work that the guys and girls over at Steemph do in the Philippines, I'd love Team Australia to do something similar but uniquely Australian.

I have a few criteria that I'd like to satisfy though:

  1. Not be any kind of "Cause" or political in any way
  2. Has to be able to be administered without "Admin" people. Meaning every dollar goes to the end users
  3. Has to do good for the community.
  4. Has to be paid for 100% with Steem or at worst Bitcoin

So this rules out Cancer research, or worldvision type companies.

My ideas at the moment are just ramblings. But I'm thinking along the lines of Farmers and Natural Disasters.

So for Farmers, this could include things along the lines of the Burrumbuttock Hayrun where they donate hay bales to farmers. This is achievable and a good cause. But we could individualise it, things like dog food, grain, water delivery etc.

Then Natural Disaster, I was thinking of relief packages. So be it household relief with essentials such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, milk powder, tea/coffee etc. Things that make life a bit more bearable when a disaster goes through. This would be coupled with some marketing material on steemit, crypto/Bitcoin and Team Australia.

If this kind of thing was to work it would rely on donations by members to a fighting fund, it'd mean getting close to whales to help as patrons, some marketing and fundraising, as well as getting on the ground to prove the effectivness of crypto.

I'd love to hear you're thoughts, and very much love additional suggestions and hear ways in which you could help if this was to kick off.

@sirknight has laid the groundwork to get this group together, I'd love to see it now fly and get off line and into the real world and do some real good.

So thats it for tonight, lets the thoughts roll. There's no dumb ideas only inventive ones.

Also, check out the great work that Steemph is doing HERE


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Yayay!!! Ohh Gohba! Im so proud of you!!

I have soo many ideas! Im about to burst lols

I completely agree with all the criterias, although I wouldnt limit helping just on the big stuff. Could be a family who lost everything in a fire.. Being in the Mountains that's a reality for us up here and certainly for many areas in Aus.

As for the fund raising.. Ive already got something lined up but the bloody Aus Olympics Committe is giving me grief. But once it gets sorted we will have funds for our charity.


Thanks so much mate. And that last paragraph has me scratching my head big time I can't wait to hear more.


@shellyduncan is on to it 👍👍


that didn't clear anything up lol


back in ya box!

Way to go @gohba.handcrafts!Love this sort of initiatives and steemit is just the right platform.
We at @steemPH started with somebody's idea that didn't have any traction. Reviving it with a small people having the same goal brought out the present #steemPH.


Yay! @steemph and @teamaustralia making a difference. Building stronger communities and enriching lives ^_^


You think momi will want collaborations on this one?Make her happy.

I was thinking we should start small. How about getting a fund together to buy swags for the homeless?? It would be easy enough and help those without a home sleep a little more comfortably on the streets. First idea from me... more to come


i like this one too


good idea, I like it. Thanks mate. I do agree with starting small


@gardenofeden sometimes raises funds to bring food, some home-made to the homeless. This is in the US.

What are the basic metric aims and project steps in baby language? How can I help?

yes, we should watch the news. if we can get their attention, better exposure. i can see channel 7 headlining, community helped these people in their times of need... WOW! can you imagine what that will do!?!?


Thats exactly the idea mate. More exposure both from the media and possibly even from Steem Inc, it can't be bad.

Yay! Love this @gohba.handcrafts!

Be the change we want to see in the world. Or at least influence it in the little ways we can. We want a global community that helps each other out and make life a bit easier for others? Always a good idea to make it happen through things we strongly believe in- crypto and of course STEEMIT!

Thanks for your work sir @gohba.handcrafts Love it. Followed...

Sounds like a great plan to get up and running. I like the idea of helping farmers. Man they have it hard most times, and get very little support from anywhere.


i like this one