Building Australia: The Queenslander and My Personal Moving Queenslander Experience

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My wife and I are big Grand Designs fans, so when I stumbled across Building Australia series on the ABC, I was instantly hooked and told my wife she has to watch it. The show is narrated by John Doyle, more famously known to most Australians as "Rampaging Roy Slaven" from the comedy duo, Roy and HG.

We just watched the most recent episode tonight on iView (may be geoblocked for non-Aussies) about the Queenslander. It featured Fairymead House in Bundaberg, a restored Queenslander building where my high school prom was held and in whose gardens my wife and I had our wedding photos taken. Fairymead House was relocated from a large sugar cane plantation and now lives on council owned gardens.

The episode touches on the fact that the design of Queenslanders on stumps makes them easy to relocate, and that is exactly what my family did with my great grandparents house when we developed the land on which it sits. I took a timelapse video of the day of the move. I think it is quite impressive that you can move a house like that.

The house will celebrate its 100th birthday next year. I am wondering what we should do to mark the occasion?

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What an epic event. Moving a house is one huge project in itself.


Yeah, it was. I was project managing it on behalf of my family while working a freelance job from home. I learned a lot from the experience.

I love the old queenslander homes.

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Thank you for upvoting my photo. If you like that one you will love my other ones.

i also like grand design and am a australian -- i found you on team australia and am now following -David

@brendio great post man very intresting hope the move went well

Omg I love Grand Designs but never seen Building Australia (haven't had a TV for years now!). Will check it out on iView, thanks for the heads up! That's a beautiful story about keeping your grandparents house too, not sure what you can do to celebrate, maybe a mini photo exhibition if you have older photos of it? :) Look forward to hear about whever you do!