Tamagoyaki~ 玉子燒

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IMG_7268.jpgOkay, Tamagoyaki, a Japanese egg dish which my favorite dish. And why I name myself Tamagoyaki? Don't know, just pick one, like pick it up on the street. See, you can tell my personality from now, a human who has no clue about herself, yep, I am female, at mid 40, an old lady, I call myself to those high school kids I served, told them don't bullying an old lady, they listened and laughing, they love me, I know. ;)

First at all, don't pick on my gramma, I graduated from High School in Malaysia with "F" result on English, even I have been living in United State for 18 years, but still, English is my major problem for my job performance. Guess what? I am going back to college in coming Fall! So, Linda Linda, listen listen, be patient alright?! :D

Yeah, I been living in United State for 18 year, my son going to graduate from college this summer and got an offer from America Motor Industry, he took it and going to move to somewhere far away from home soon. I am a free woman now, I mean freeeee, can flight anywhere "if" I want, oh yeah~ if I have extra money! Now, there's extra income for me, here! Who pull me in here? YOU @Pizzapai! She said " Post something and earn something... Okay, I guess, I have very wide hobbies, photo shooting, hiking, cycling, cooking, walking, exercise, surfing...internet! Could be about my big but cute buddy Oreo the 17LB fluffy cat and not tiny but still bigger than other rats Milky and Pablo! Yeah, a big cat and 2 rats live with me in house, now they are running up and down on the stairs! Crazy isn't it? Imagine an old lady live with the cat and rats, aren't you think it would be an interesting story? If you think so, stay tune then. :))



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Woww nice food!!! It makes me hungry!!more more more please!!

Oh yeah~ I have a lot food can show you lol

Hungry hungry!!! Food food faster!! Recipe too!!! Oh yummy mummy!

Welcome to #teammalaysia. Feel free to tag with #cn-malaysia as well.

Thank you! Still a Steemit newbie, need to figure out how it work.

#teammalaysia is a general tag for all Malaysians. Whereas #cn-malaysia is made purposely for Chinese bloggers community.