Good And Bad Teachers

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Hello there. When it comes to getting teachers in school, college, university, or at any learning facility there is a luck of the draw aspect. The teacher that you get is mostly random (unless selected). A teacher can be considered "good" or "bad" (or okay). This post will go over some aspects of "bad" teachers and then some aspects of "good" teachers.


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Having "Bad" Teachers

There may be one or a couple of instances where a student would have a so-called "bad" teacher or professor. What makes this educator "bad"? Is it bad teaching? Is the teacher too mean or too strict? Are the tests unfair and too difficult? Is it a combination?

Here is my list. Bad teachers may have one, some, most or all of these from the list.

  • Poor communication of concepts.
  • Unfair & difficult tests.
  • Bad /arrogant personality.
  • Learn it yourself type of teaching. (Laziness from teacher.)
  • No / little tactfulness in feedback.
  • Takes too long to mark and return tests and assignments.
  • Not showing up on time for classes.
  • Marks too hard.
  • Not knowledgable / competant in the subject.
  • Lack of preparation.


There are times when teachers (like students) have off days or weeks. However, if a teacher is consistently showing signs from the list above, the teacher falls under the "bad teacher" category.


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Getting "Good" Teachers

In general, "good" teachers leave a lasting positive impact on students. In a grander scheme of things, students may be interested in more of the subject because of a good teacher.

Here is my list of attributes of "good" teachers:

  • Puts in effort in teaching.
  • Knowledgable in the subject.
  • Pleasant personality, tactful in feedback.
  • Tests and assignments are fair in difficulty. Not too easy, could be challgenging but manageable.
  • Engaging with students, motivating and relevant stories and examples.
  • Communication with students is clear (not confusing).
  • Marking and grading is fair with constructive feedback.
  • Shows up on time.


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Closing Thoughts

Although this post looks at good and bad teachers in a binary like thinking, you can have teachers who have both good and bad traits. These fall in the "okay" teachers category.

Some teachers who are mostly "bad" teachers can have good teaching moments and some teachers who are mostly "good" teachers can have bad teaching moments. Everyone is human, things happen, mistakes happen and there is always random selection when it comes to your next teacher.


Thank you for reading.


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