The Nations are GATHERING! Israeli War On the Horizon

in tbufc •  11 months ago

Israel is pushing its enemies to strike as they begin forming all around her. Syria, Iran, and Turkey are at her borders, while the result can end in devastation. How much longer until the battle of Armageddon reaches its apocalyptic conclusion? Join with Archbishop Scoggins as he covers the latest information on this front.

#TBUFC #Israel #WW3 #Armageddon

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Thank you , the whole team is incredible!!

The armies gather, the nations bolster, the sabers rattle, the battle-cries roar. Armageddon is on the horizon of Megido...

With War about to break out everywhere and the headlines talking about it breaking at any moment. We are screaming for people to leave Babylon (America). Yet, they love others before they love others before the Lord. They disobey the Lord and choose to stay sacrificing in vain. LEAVE before it is too late.

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everything is indeed unfolding, wake up everyone, prepare, repent!!

Truth be told!

The prophetic fuse is burning shorter.

Prophecy unfolding. Love it!

Everyone should be pricing tickets to Israel, It's time to go!