Paper Wallet for Agoras, Billetera de papel para Agoras

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Dear friends, I want to share my latest work related to Cryptocurrencies. For almost a year, I have been following the project track TAUCHAIN, it is very complex and I do not dare to explain what it is, but I do have one thing, in case the project has success, will create a great social-technological​ revolution. I recommend you do some research and you will see how ambitious it is.

Queridos amigos, quiero compartir mi ultimo trabajo relacionado con las Criptomonedas. Desde hace casi un año sigo la pista del Proyecto TAUCHAIN, es muy complejo y no me atrevo a explicar de que va, pero si digo una cosa, en el caso de que el proyecto tenga éxito, va a crear una gran revolución tecnológica social. Te recomiendo investigues un poco y veras lo ambicioso que es.

Image tauchain

My small contribution has been to create a paper wallet, where you can save the official currency of the project, the AGORAS. This security system consists of a block of code where you can send your coins and other private and non-transferable code. Below you can see an example of a paper wallet for the BITCOIN coin.

Mi pequeña aportación a sido crear una billetera de papel, donde se pueden guardar la moneda oficial del proyecto, las AGORAS. Este sistema de seguridad consta de un bloque de código donde puedes enviar tus monedas y otro código privado e intransferible. A continuación podeis ver un ejemplo de una billetera de papel para la moneda BITCOIN.

Paper Wallet Bitcoin

I gladly share my work free of charge for the entire community. For anyone who wants to have their AGORAS printed on paper, the only thing to do is download the Mockup TAUpaperwallet.psd and once opened in Photoshop replace the text layers and QR codes images by personal ones. I use my wallet data in Omniwallet

Con mucho gusto comparto mi trabajo gratuitamente para toda la comunidad. Para todo aquel que le apetezca tener sus AGORAS impresas en papel lo único que a de hacer es descargar el Mockup TAUpaperwallet.psd y una vez abierto en Photoshop sustituir las capas de texto y las imágenes códigos QR por los personales. Yo utilizo los datos de mi billetera en Omniwallet


Something peculiar to this paper wallet is that the codes are hidden from view, use a red filter if you want to see your codes.

Algo peculiar de esta billetera de papel es que los códigos están ocultos a simple vista, utiliza un filtro de color rojo si quieres ver tus códigos.


If you do not know how to make your own QR codes download the App from​ this web QR code Generator

Si no sabes cómo hacer tus propios códigos QR descarga la App de esta web generador de codigo QR

I like if you liked the entrance to my blog, Thanks

Dale a me gusta si te a gustado la entrada a mi blog, Gracias!!

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I will try this!
I own Agoras, holding them in bittrex for now but don't feel comfortable to keep it there. I am not very tech savvy and don't really understand much what you wrote here but hope I will succeed.
What do you advice I should do?
My instincts tell me that its an amazing revolutionary project. Thats all :)


Thank you very much @Mamasitta
I recommend that you make an account at and make a transfer from bittrex to Omniwallet. This way you will have your AGORAS safe in a wallet. This wallet will have a login address and a private key. It is important that no one other than you is knowledgeable about these data. Also you can use my paper wallet to keep these codes in a physical place. in case you lose access to your wallet in Omniwallet. if you want you can visualize a tutorial of the channel @holabebe Victor C. And if you want to read very well summarized articles about the project I recommend you to @trafalgar Trafalgar


I thank you so so so much! I already got myself this wallet and tomorrow I will transfer those funds.
I am learning step by step ....forward!
It took me 2 days to set up my Nano S :) but I did it.
BTW, Nice to meet you.


the pleasure is mine mamasita


Thank you very much @trafalgar. I did it to stop me because I have a lot of enthusiasm in the project

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