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Been waiting for a couple of years! It's the updated Tau whitepaper. Check it out:

Tau, or tautology is a symbol that's really fitting for the nature of the proposed technology. The other symbol which I associated it with is the "?". Imagine a national flag, currency, brand, or software using that symbol as its central thesis. Just a question mark. Nothing else.

Consider a process, denoted by X, of [many] people, forming and following, by the way of discussion in formal languages, another process, denoted by Y. Tau is the case where X=Y. Tau, is a discussion about Tau.

Maybe I'll try to go through the paper in another post.


Buenas noches @kevinwong. Muchas gracias Por el apoyo .

Hello my dear
I hope all of your affairs are fine
I hope you will visit my page and support me with all love and affection, and I will be grateful for that. Greetings

yoooo I lost all my sweet friends :) How are you :) and where I find you again but thanks for the fat vote :) on my appics post

i'm on discord, but yeah overall i've been reducing social media stuff etc lol. still hard to process the chain split around here. good to see you around!

Hello, appreciated @kevinwong.

I recently received an upvote from you and then I decided to check out your blog.

I may notice that you haven't had any posting activity for a while and you may not have enough free time to do efficient voting rounds either.

With all due respect I would like to propose something to you:

We have been monitoring the upvoting patterns of many users on Steem and Hive. And it is clear to me that many of them do not control their voting power well.
Some are depleting voting power with tons of upvotes, and others very often hit 100% voting power and "sit" in that full VP for quite some time, before casting a new upvote.

In my community: "Project Hope", we have developed an efficient system of the use of the VP that might interest you. So far we are combining a 50% manual / 50% automated system but we are working on developing an application that we can offer to users.

At Project Hope we take advantage of the non-linear reward curve and in this way, once we do an upvote with our little curation trail (@ ph-support) these are followed by positive votes from strong accounts like @therising (almost 300k SP), @project.hope (230k) and @eric818 (100k) thus obtaining greater curation rewards.

I would like to invite you to join our curation trail (@ph-support), I can assure you that you will see positive results immediately.

I greet you very warmly.

Regards, @juanmolina
@ project.hope co-founder

Thank you for the big upvote @kevinwong

Hi @kevinwong, I noticed that you are on and off there but not really like in the past. Nevertheless you still have your SP, therefore I wanted to approach you and ask if you would delegate your SP to our project @art-venture, we have created it in August 2017 to support undervalued artists. There are still many active Artists around and it would be good to be able to reward them appropriately for their works and activity.

We are interested in future of strong Steem that is why we need resources behind to build up stronger community and motivate people. Please look at this magazine that we produce every second day and also you can look at @stef1 account to see what we are doing.

I am aware that you probably not interested in such social projects but without other active users the price of Steem may fall and Steem that you hold may loose its value too.

The important thing is we have never done Power Down, all the rewards are going to Power Up.

I thank you in advance,

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