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Lion punk

Artist: Valentin Aidov
Tattoo Made: 2017/08/07
Published: 2017/09/21
Location: Gatchina, Russia
Studio: @aid_tattoo
Tags: color, lion, punk, horns


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The biggest news right now is our Russia-based artist Valentin will be coming to Shanghai next month and is looking to book sessions with people interested in his work starting mid-September. Valentin is in town for the Shanghai International T-A-F tattoo festival, happening September 22 - 24. He’ll be doing work live on site if you’d like to come by.

其中最酷的新闻是,来自俄罗斯的纹身艺术家 Valentin 在下个月就会来上海啦!而且,他将会在九月中旬开始与欣赏他作品的各位见面,并开放预约!他此行来上海的目的是在九月22日至24日举办的上海秋季国际纹身艺术节。请大家亲临现场围观我们。♥ ❤


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