The Italian Underground Restaurant

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I have heard about this restaurant for years from my husband, friends, and even strangers at the pool today. It's located about 225 miles north and west of us in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, a town with the population of about 10,000. I consider it a suburb of Aspen's subburbs or in other words afordable housing for the area with a median home price of 495,000. The location is right off Interstate 70.
Parking is in the back with the entrance reached by walking a short ally that has been made quite lovely with greenery and the beauty of the old well kept building.

Once inside the building that holds two other businesses you will need to head downstairs to reach The Italian Underground Restaurant. It is not handicapped accessable but a take out can be brought upstairs and delivered to you if needed and there are a lot of places in the outside area to sit and eat.

GW overview of resturant.jpg
It's a small place and is only open for dinner from 5:00-10:00pm, Monday thru Saturday and will open on Sundays after Memorial Day.

GS. bar.jpg
A decent selection of cocktails, beer and wine is offered as well as appetizers.

gw menu.jpg
My husband ordered the Lasagna as usual and I ordered the Combination Plate to do an official tasting.

gw men.jpg

GW Under my dinner.jpg
I know it looks messy but the sauce and lasagna was like no other I have ever had and they use local ingredients. It was WONDERFUL! I noticed they mix the ricotta cheese in with all the other ingredients. I have always seen the ricotta as one of the layers.

Our only regret is not ordering more. The next day as we headed out on our four hour trip home we realized we could have taken several orders with us as we had a little refrigerator and freezer in our hotel room. Next time...and there WILL be a next time, I will not casually drive by Glenwood Springs again without trying to cordinate an evening at The Italian Underground Restaurant.
I haven't even looked at the bill because what ever the amount came to it was worth it!

Restaurant Information

The Italian Underground Restaurant
715 Grand Ave, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601, USA

The Italian Underground Restaurant
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It looks great local dish. Thanks for sharing your great review. Keep up your great work and we look forward to your next review.


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It looks like a worthy adventure!!! I love the bricked type of underground architecture. So New York/Chicago looking to me! They have really renovated nicely and made it so pleasing to the eye.

I like the outdoor seating, but, I will bet it gets really crowded in the seasonal times.

I love it when they mix the ricotta in like that. Carmines in New York City do that and I will never eat Italian outside of my mother's house, except at my Italian Godmothers. :) But, I will at Carmines. The sauce at this place looks incredibly delicious! It reminds me of the consistency of bolognese sauce, but there is no ricotta in it. Oh, you have made me hungry now!!!

Let's go back soon!!! Hi @willowwisp!


I have an idea forming. I know @broncnutz is going about an hour's drive from there next week. I think I'll offer to buy them dinner if they'll bring some back. I don't know if you remember but Glenwood Springs also has very wonderful HUGE heated pools and very hot water areas. We had a lovely day there and that wonderful dinner, maybe he will take my offer. I'm salivating just thinking of it.

A big and tasty lasagna
Thanks for sharing

Ah! A satisfied customer.
The restaurant looks very cosy. It has a old-world charm.

Charm + very good = I'll be back!

Nice restaurant, the prices are almost like ours. I can imagine how it tasted, I love Italian food. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look. Wish I could share a taste too!

Good idea, I would like to try, I wish you a wonderful sunday!

Wow! The food looked very good with big portion! Very quaint location! I like to try some take away too!


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Those kinds of places are usually so much fun! It just looks like a keeper, you know. Well I have to say that you sure got me thinking about diner. Yum.

It looks so inviting and homely and Lasagna is my favorite Italian dish especially when my mum makes it 👍

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