Visit the great AROI dessert cafe.

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Speaking of Hanoi coffee, sure young people are no stranger to AROI dessert by this brand has dozens of branches distributed throughout Hanoi. However, all branches of AROI, whether open, new or old, attract a lot of young people.

The reason that AROI attracted so first to mention the layout of the restaurant. The space in the AROI branches is very beautiful and very special, each floor is decorated in a way that suits the needs of the guests. If the first floor makes you impress with the simple neutral color furniture, the second floor is designed to sit comfortably. The floors use glass doors to create open spaces, making it easy to zoom in and see the beautiful street, or simply have a great photo shoot.

The shop is decorated with sweet flower corner or strong cactus. The space is beautiful and decorated like that but the price is not expensive, drinks only move from 1.5-3 USD. Drinks in the bar from variety of smoothie, matcha familiar to the orange juice, fruit tea bar cool, delicious. The fruit here is quite fresh, enter the shop you will certainly not forget the big fruit basket to the place where the drink is very delicious. AROI also serves some snacks such as spicy gourd toads, creamy ice cream, strawberry ice cream ... very tasty.

The menu at the cafe is no different from other cafés, however, are fairly prepared mouth. Suggest that your favorite drink Argento is favorite strawberry smoothie. Strawberry smoothie here is delicious, you can replace with strawberry if you like sweeter. Argento is also famous for a variety of pastries, such as Red Velvet. The cake, fragments of cake in the mouth, soft and very smooth, not to be.


Restaurant Information

AROI dessert cafe
42F Lý Thường Kiệt, Tràng Tiền, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Visit the great AROI dessert cafe.
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I like that wording 'Be amazing today but first coffee'..


Coffee is an indispensable part of life.

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