Tasteem service temporarily suspended due to stolen accounts issue (User accounts NOT affected)

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* Before starting the announcement, we want to make it clear that none of Tasteem users' accounts have been affected nor under any kind of safety threats by this incident.

Updated on May 28th: The lost accounts have been reclaimed and everything is back to normal. Thank you!

Early morning on May 25th, Saturday (KST), multiple Steem accounts associated with our service have been stolen. At the same moment, the entire amount of their assets have been transferred to the blocktrades exchange account, assumably with the hackers' memo. Moreover, these accounts have already begun powerdown, which may cause a subsequent loss in the future. The stolen accounts are as following

As mentioned, Tasteem user accounts are not affected at all. They only come to the platform through steemconnect and have nothing to do with this accident. Your accounts are very safe.

Since Tasteem keys have lost their functionalities, Tasteem platform is not likely to operate properly as well, and therefore, we temporarily suspend the operation of the platform. Ongoing contests have been closed down as of today.

Our team is currently doing our best to recover the damage. We will further notify as we make progress on resolving it. Posts and contest winners made after the accident will be rewarded once everything is settled.

We are truly sorry for Tasteemers and supporters for all what's happened, we hope we could come back online as fast as we could.


Sounds like you got a mole in your ranks?

I think that has to be the case too. I am pretty sure the power downs can be stopped and the accounts can be recovered, without a full loss.

oh noes .. thats not good. hope you are able to recover and revise your security asap

Ouch that sounds bad! Really hope you’re able to recover all these accounts

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This is terrible. Thank you for bonestly keeping us informed.

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Oh my ... Really bad to hear that! I hope you will recover your accounts very quick and perhaps get your assets back!
Thanks for being transparent and honest with the community!


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Feeling really sorry to hear that. Hope everything will settle soon.

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Hope you are able to recover your accounts. sorry to hear this.

Hope you are able
To recover your accounts.
Sorry to hear this.

                 - whatsup

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hope you can recover soon!

Oh, geez. I am so sorry to hear what happened. Hope you will be able to recover it back soon.

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