#Foodie 28: 🍂Lão Hạc quán- Cafe 🍂

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Hi steemit friends:

Almost one last month, I have lot of work busy so now I can return to continue with you. ^^
I had been going to Ho Chi Minh City. It is one of the two largest cities in Vietnam. Here I had the interesting trip and experience pleasure.
The first, I will introduce to you a very nostalgic cafes, old style, quiet and very interesting.



☘️ Place
On the Hoang Sa. Hoang Sa 299B, near the center of District 1


Spacious space, with 2 floors, looks very dark. Because I go in the evening should look even darker 😂 It has many beautiful decorations, many beautiful angles to live deep. Exactly old things, all things create quiet space. The cafe is open all-time music, with balcony on the ground floor and 2nd floor. Can see the street is also romantic. There are many cool trees around.



Menu have these drinks basic, attached is junk food. Delicious iced milk coffee, ultra bold. I have called Super aromatic cinnamon tea and feeling very good. Menu has many things to select. Look very specialy!




Many workers ages. Look like a family. ^^ Wear also looked very personality. Have the aprons look also very old and special. Cute and enthusiastic staff.



The average price from $1-$2 (25,000vnd- 50,000 vnđ)



Author: @thanhquyen


Restaurant Information

Lão Hạc Quán
299 Hoàng Sa, Tân Định, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

#Foodie 28: 🍂Lão Hạc quán- Cafe 🍂
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Wow, quán này nhìn hay thật


Rất hoài cổ luôn ạ ^^ cũng thú vị lắm


Yes, mình thích quán có phong cách như thế này, nhưng mà cái khoản hơi tối là không thích lắm. Có nhiều quán ở Vn theo đuổi phong cách hoài cổ nhưng quán mà tối quá đi lên cầu thang hơi chút bất tiện


À cũng k đến mức tối đến v đâu a. ^^ vẫn đủ đèn để đi lên tầng 2 ạ 😂


Thank you for entering our < Bakeries and Patisseries > Contest . Thanks to @thanhquyen, Tasteem has become a more attractive guide. We upvote your post, wish you the best of luck in winning our Contest!


Thanks very much ^^