Fungi Chingu - Korean restaurant- Da Lat - The best <3

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Hi everyone!

Today I will introduce you my favorite restaurant in Dalat. Where I value both quality, service and price are the best. It's “ Fungi Chingu " This is the perfect choice.



The restaurant in the night market area is a little hidden, to go back to see. At the outside booths, Fungi was hiding. The opposite will be easier to find.


The Space

Korean food restaurant so when I feel modern. The decor is very nice, neat, convenient, very cozy, clean. Often the restaurant is very crowded. Because of the quality that ^^


The Quality

The food here is very diverse full of typical Korean types. Dishes I call traditional bibimbap, tteokbokki, kimbap and mixed noodle.


Bibimbap: The rice is mixed in a small pot and very hot, so hot that the rice is crispy, especially Soft-boiled eggs. And the staff will stay to mix for themselves, to ensure the standard ^^


Snacks: Kimchi fresh vegetables, sweet carrot is brought out at the new order. We are free to eat comfortable. It’s free

Kimbap ( Regular kimbap and fried kimbap): Due to the fried flour crispy outside the crust and sweet and sour sauce mixed delicious. Standard Korean kimpap. Ahihi


Tteokbokki( with cheese): Bold flavor, fatty cheese cheese. My favorite dish. I like to eat cheese ^^



The Price ( Menu)

Too cheap compared to the quality of service and quality of food 😭 I go to group 5 people that each person has 40. 000vnd. Huhu. Eat well. We mainly eat rice and Korean food do not call barbecue, hot pot. It should be very reasonable ^^


The Serve

This is one of the catering services at the tourist destination style professional service, enthusiastic and agile. Entrance to the restaurant is very welcoming, staff are mostly young, beautiful. The restaurant is very crowded but serves very quickly to assign the area of ​​service reasonable, not to wait long. Overall very fond of serving here. Few restaurants have good quality staff like this restaurant. 10 points 😻

Finally, I just want to say: I give all the compliments to Fungi Chingu 😭 Going to eat here to wish Fungi open in Hanoi. So I can go to eat regularly. To Da Lat you remember Fungi home. Will not regret it
Wish you good information ^^

By: @thanhquyen

Restaurant Information

Fungi chingu
1 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, Phường 1, Thành phố Đà Lạt, Lâm Đồng, Vietnam

Fungi Chingu - Korean restaurant- Da Lat - The best <3
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