Kue melon

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Cake melon ....
5 eggs
1sdt beking powder
1sdt vanilla
100ml Oil
1gls of flour
1gls of white sugar
3sdm syrup melon / syrup marjan ..
How to make....
Mix, egg, sugar, vanilla, bp to flower
Then pour the Oil, syrup, mix well .. Pour the flour
Stir lgi until blended .. Place on a baking pan yg udah di olesin Oil .. Then oven Slma 40mnt ..
For toping according to taste can meses .. / pistok Test puncture
Cl udh ripe lift ... Cut to taste ..

Slmt mncba Buntar Buntik

Ikuti saya @teleponaku

Restaurant Information

Resto kantor camat
Jl. Line Pipa, Aceh, Indonesia

Kue melon
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