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Hello, dear Tasteemers. Today we're here to announce you that Team Tasteem is now recruiting supporters for Tasteem Global. Tasteem GL has been a great place for you and our team so far, however, our team's had a few issues regarding the management of the service, and now we are trying to run a supporters program in Tasteem GL. Some of you may already be familiar with Tasteem supporters, they are basically the staff with the role of keeping contests clean and active. Here are the details.

  • number of supporters recruiting: 2


  • We want an applicant fluent in English.
  • You have to be an active steemit user.
  • We expect you to have a bit of background knowledge of our service.

Tasks you'll be doing as a Tasteem GL supporter

  • Upvoting fine quality reviews
  • Detecting abusers
  • Management of overall thread quality
  • Communicating within the community so people can actually learn about Tasteem

Rewards for Tasteem GL supporters

  • Upvoting one fine quality review will grant a $2.5 value of upvote for the supporter (Max. Once/day)
  • One detection of an abuser grants $0.5 value of upvote (No limit/day)

Apply for Tasteem GL Supporter

Above is the application form for the position. Hope many of you are interested in this position. Please stay tuned on Tasteem and Thank you! :D


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Hello @tasteem team.

I am @bookoons and I applied for third batch of whitelist and was listed.
I am a fluent English speaker and writer of Nigerian origin and I am an active steemit user.
I have also followed this project for over a month now and know about your services. If recruited, I'll ensure that quality contents get the upvote they worth, detect abusers, improve and promote the #tasteem community.

I will be glad if I am considered.
Yours' in steem,

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#tasteem please enter me.

hi #tasteem i am ready for @tasteem supporters. to keep security and comfort #tasteem #GL users, and I have a lot of time for #steemit, if #tasteem chooses me, I'm ready for this time for #tasteem. thanks.

Count me in!

Applied 👍

I'm totally in for this.. Let's build a better #tasteem!


Yeeeees. Let's Do This!


Aww. . yeah

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Guys, the instruction says "Apply for Tasteem GL Supporter".

You may fill the form instead of applying via comment.

Wow seems interesting mate...

Sent an application ;)