A Few Changes Made in Tasteem Service

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What is up Tasteemers? Tasteem is here today to announce a few changes it has made in the service. Our scoring system had had a few weaknesses against the activities of abusers, and some of the abusers had been exploiting these weaknesses to take advantage in the contest. Therefore, we had to define some new scoring policies and these are the followings.

  • The score still counts the number of upvotes of a post, but will only count the upvotes from users that have login history in Tasteem. This is going to prevent counting any of the upvotes made by voting bots.

  • The maximum number of bookmarks counted as the score is going to be 10. There have been issues with bookmark abuse by some users, and this new policy is to prevent score manipulation done by such users.

We are also going to change things around bit by bit to improve our service, and one thing we are considering now is having a Tasteem activity level. How this works is, the more a user is active (i.e. making posts, comments, bookmarks or upvotes in Tasteem) the user will cumulate his/her activity level, which eventually will add up to the score as the user participates in a contest. The details for how this system works is still at a build-up stage, so we will update you once we’re done defining it in the near future.

Tasteem has also made a minimum standard for posting reviews. To prevent the turbulence during your experience in Tasteem, we thought it's better we have a definite rule for how much the content has to be when posting a single review. So here is what we ask of you

  • A post must contain a minimum of 3 photos and 8 sentences illustrating the restaurant you’re reviewing.

Posts that don’t meet this minimum standard will be given a supporter’s warning, so please keep this in your minds when writing posts. You know Tasteem supporters are also out there to give curation rewards for posts with great qualities. Why don’t we all try to aim for this? :D

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I agree! 😘

Great! Looking forward to the new rules. Hopefully it gives a fairer and more level playing field!

Ready for the better restaurant review on @Tasteem !

I would like just add that those who are moderators or admins for Tasteem, shouldn't participate in contests. Someone can kick you out because of their own interests... etc

So happy to be on the whitelist! I have not yet posted because I want my first one to be really good and informative. I have so many restaurants to share so I am sure once I get going, I will contribute greatly.

Maybe I should start with the restaurant I visited this weekend and work up to my big one.....


I like how my name stands out from the rest!


LOL... I was thinking that as well!

Sounds great, @tasteem! It will be good if everyone plays fairly, no bot. :)

Why can't I participate in the @tasteem contest again,? please help me ...!

@tasteem, am sorry if i have been ignorant of something in the past, but what is required to obtain an upvote from this handle?? is there something i should do or?

better policies. and this will certainly lead to one great progress later