Hokkien quanzhou noodle

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Chinese is one of the largest race in Malaysia
Hokkien people are part of Chinese ethnic Malaysian,
me, as a Hokkien people,
i love Hokkien noodle,
is one of my favourite delicacy,
i can eat everyday and won't get bored,
allow me introduce you a Hokkien noodle shop,
there is two types Hokkien noodle in Malaysia,
one is Hokkien quanzhou style noodle,
one is Hokkien zhangzhou style noodle,
my grand parents were borned in Hokkien quanzhou,
so i started to eat quanzhou style noodle since my childhood,
i introduce you my ancestors home town's quanzhou Hokkien noodle,
the shape of noodle are thicker than you usually see,
today i introduce you different factions of quanzhou province Hokkien noodles,
loo mee with black vinegar,
the soup of loo mee are black in colour,
our local Malaysian call this loo mee,
the loo mee of this shop,
is one of my favourite,
and the price is reasonable,
smallest bowl only eight ringgit per person,
my foreigner friend from China henan province,
a guy who love noodle entire life,
he also love this place noodle very much,
Hokkien mee has two type of cooking methods,
one is dry fried type,
one is soup type,
the soul of the Hokkien mee is lard and lefteye flounders fish,
this two thing make the Hokkien mee very good smell and delicious.

a place worth to visit and try at least once,
for a reasonable price and the taste.








Restaurant Information

ulu yam mee house
39, 27, Jalan Ambong 3, Kepong Baru, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hokkien quanzhou noodle
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Sounds interesting but what is left fish?

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please forgive poor english,
google again just now,
its call turbot fish.

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Oh no worries. I'm not that good as well lol! I'm just curious but thanks for getting back at me. I may have or may have not seen that kind of fish, I'm not sure 😅😅

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i just google again.

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i Google search again,
its call lefteye flounders

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Still not familiar lol! We live in the highlandsso we don't havw that variation of fish sold in our market

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come visit Malaysia once,
will give you a different experience,
one time can tast at least three culture food,
Malay food, indian food, Chinese food...

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Wow! That sounds tempting. I surely will one of these days

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where bookmark?



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i like hokkien noodle too @tanlikming. saya juga mau!

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datang cari saya,
saya bawa awak pergi makan.

i keep my word.

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ok. i will tell u once i go to malay :) mom likes malaysian chinese food

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