Herr Ober’s Lovely Schnitzels

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Herr Ober is a smal resturant in Sweden situated in the city of Kinna, it doesnt look much at the outside..but the food is just absolutly magic!

You find the resturant at nya kinnavägen 2 in Kinna, Sweden


They started thier resturant with one goal, and that goal was to make the best schnitzel in the world, and they took it to an absolute sucess! Thier schnitzels is maid from scratch, so there is no half-fabricates and thats unusuall for takeaway of this kind, and its the key to sucess in my opinion.


And one more thing, you must not miss thier sauces, they are as good as the food if not even better 👍🏼😊


To compliment the schnitzels they also serv burgers, hotdogs and a truly amazing gulash supe that is well worth trying, and i almost forgot to mention that they serv the schnitzels in three styles, you can get them made from beef, chicken or vegetarian which make it sutable for vegetarians and halal to. My favourite is chicken



To drink you can choose betwen a greate sortiment of softdrinks, beer, cidre or wine of your taste

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Herr Ober
Kinna, Sweden

Herr Ober
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I will add that now 👍🏼😊

Oh, thank you for your kind cooperation.

Hi Again, i have edited the post now, but i got an error saying it cant be uppdated..?

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I managed to fixit 👍🏼✌🏻😊

Hehe I'm an Austrian guy and approve this Schnitzel :D
Nice place~ Thanks for sharing!

Wow...food looks yummy!

delicious food!! I like.


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I have never tried schnitzel before, but that looks really awesome! the pickles on the side look really good too. cheeers :)


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Love me some good schnitzel.

It looks tasty!

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