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RE: Herr Ober’s Lovely Schnitzels

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Hi sweden2023,

Please include more information about the drink/food and the restaurant in your review (for example the taste of the drink/food..). Can you also provide the exact location (address) of the restaurant? Welcome to Tasteem by the way.

Please read the contest rules.
A post containing less than 3 photos and 8 sentences in total
A post that does not match the contest theme
A post reviewing a fast-food franchise, delivery or take-out food
A post reviewing a restaurant that the user has visited within a month ago
Usage of languages other than the platform’s own language
Usage of auto-translated contents (e.g. texts from Google translator or other translation tools)
Usage of multiple accounts by one party
Thank you.
[Tasteem supporter] Carlpei



I will add that now 👍🏼😊

Oh, thank you for your kind cooperation.

Hi Again, i have edited the post now, but i got an error saying it cant be uppdated..?

Hi @sweden2023,

Save your work first by copying the whole thing and then refresh the browser. If it does not work please log-out and sign-in again. Sorry for the trouble.

Join our Discord channel if you need further help

I managed to fixit 👍🏼✌🏻😊

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