Paradise Dynasty Unique Dumplings and more!

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This week picks goes to pardise dynasty !

Their restaurant recently came out with their unique 8 colors and flavors XLM ( Xiao Long Baos ) ( Dumplings) that has taken the regular dumplings onto the next level!


When arrived there , there was a long queue , but got the number and waited for less then 30mins, love the waiting system though ~

Some of the menu here,

large menu.png

Here's a sneak preview inside with the STUNNING Decor there !

Ravishly classy with pink chairs and stunning decor ! There are seatings on the 2nd lvl and outside too!!


Paradise Dynasty's Signature XLM's comes in 8 UNIQUE flavors and colors


  1. RED = Sichuan flavored , lightly spiced with a kick of Sichuan Vibe


  1. YELLOW = Cheessy
  2. BLACK •••• Truffle flavored
    Uniquely exquisite.
  3. GREEN •••• Gingery fans would love this
  4. GREY •••••• More Garlic pls !
  5. ORANGE •• CRABBY CLinking Epicness


  1. WHITE ••••• Original ~
  2. BROWN ••• Foie gras another creative mixed !

Price is $16.80 for 8 pieces


Next up the Mountainous Poached Chicken in Sichuan Spice !! Sour , Spicy & Numbly Zing ~


Pan fried pork buns !! Oomphy


The Unique Chilled jelly with Century eggs ~ Yang Zhou Style


The Shanghai Stir fried rice, spicy piquancy !

shanghai rice.png

Charcoal Buns with Salted EGGASM !! The Filling is just the way I wanted it to be !



Bamboo shoots with Oyster Sauce ~ A must try too!


Pan fried pancake with Red beans ~ Crisped to perfection and sweet inside ~


Some Close up BONUS! =D


Hungree Spike ratings : 4.96/5

Paradise Dynasty location : 435 Orchard Rd .. 01-18 Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877

Sneak preview at my Instagram --> IG@spikykevin

Captured with Samsung S7 EDGE (HDR)(Original)

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Restaurant Information

Paradise Dynasty
435 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238877

Paradise Dynasty Unique Dumplings and more!
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Hi. Great review! Nice detailed pictures and descriptions of the dishes. The red bean pancakes are my favourite but its hard to get good ones here in Australia


Hi thanks so much! Yeah perhaps in the future there will be !

Eggasm! Haha. I love your review and I love this restaurant already!


go try it ! More words like this in my future posts haha

nice, i have tried this restaurant, i like the Xiao Long Bao and the Noodle soup, taste like ramen


yeah the standards there are really good!


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What a lovely review! Thanks for sharing this with us!


yeah no problem! More EPICNESS yet to come =D

The pictures and details are amazing, this restaurant is very famous among Chinese!!
All of those are making me hungry, especially the colorful dumplings!!


thanks ! =D there dumplings really caught my eye!