Ulog# 192 J&B Pigar Pigar, Baguio City Philippines

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Let me take you to a place where they serve a unique dish called Pigar Pigar. This dish is made out of thin slices of beef which was deep fried served with fresh slices of onions and cabbage. Sometimes they use carabeef which meat that comes from carabaos or water buffalo's but in this restaurant they used beef. This restaurant is located infron of trancogrill. Here's a link of their facebook page
This restaurant is called J&B and it's just a small and simple shop but there are always customers.

It only has a few tables, there were around 5 tables present.
This is what they serve. Soup(Kaleskes or Bulalo) and Pigar Pigar. They measure their pigar pigar and sell it by gram.
Here are the different descriptions of the food that they serve.
While waiting for our food they gave us soup. This soup was very tasty and the best part about it was the soup was unlimited.

Me and my friend orderd half a kilo of pigar pigar which costs 240 php or that's around 4.70 United States Dollar and this is how it turned out.

Just looking at this photos are making me hungry because it's making me remember how it tasted. It tasted delicious because the meat was well seasoned. The vegetables were fresh and crunchy. That piece of fat just tasted like heaven. If you want to taste something unique come over to the Philippines, we have a lot of dishes here.

Thanks for reading!

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Restaurant Information

J&B Pigar Pigar
Manuel Roxas, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines

Ulog# 192 J&B Pigar Pigar, Baguio City Philippines
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Keep up your great work!

We look forward to your next review.

Thank you so much! May you continue to be blessed

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That Pigar Pigar looks soooo good! 😋

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It also tastes good haha. Thanks for stopping by

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Yummy! One for @leysa to make for me :)

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Keep up the great work!
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Thank you so much for the curation. Hope you'll be able to taste one soon. Have a great day

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Delicious food

Yes it was. Thank for stopping by

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Simple place but the dishes are really appetizing.
Thanks for sharing

Yes it really is, thank you so much for stopping by

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Hey @sgbonus, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!