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Hello guys!
My sister wanted to get dessert and she decided that she wanted to try this stall located at the top floor of SM Baguio called ICE TROLLS scrolled ice cream.
This is the menu of the stall, I noticed something about the names. The products that they were selling were named after celebrities here in the Philippines. The price range is around 80 Php which is around 1.54 USD to 160 Php which is around 3.09 USD
It was my very first time to try this kind of ice cream and I had no clue why they called it scrolled ice cream until I watched them make it. Here are some photos showing the process in making this ice cream. First they added the Ice cream base on the cold plate
They added some toppings and were chopping it down.
They flattened the base
Then it started freezing on the cold plate
When it was frozen, they started rolling it up and I was dumbfounded and I said to myself so that's why they called it scrolled ice cream.
I really like the presentation of the ice cream. I ordered the Choco Martin Chocolate Ice Cream. It was good but not great.
My sister ordered the Sam Milky biscoff ice cream and when I tasted it, I was regretting that I got chocolate( I really wanted cookies n cream but it was out of stock). I really enjoyed watching them prepare these desserts.
During the day I saw this cat just sitting in our mono block chair. It was probably enjoying the heat of the sun and when I went close it didn't even flinch or run away.
I went to the back of our house and I noticed that there was a tree with no leaves at our neighbors place and decided to take a photo of it, I hope that it isn't dead yet. When I made it black and white I just showed so much and made me think that we should really try our best to preserve our environment.

This is our macopa(Syzygium samarangense) tree in our house. There are no fruits yet but I took a photo of it and I was playing with the filters of google photos and it turned out to something that I would like someone(probably my brother) to draw in the future
While I was taking photos there was a bird that was chirping so I just zoomed it in and took a photo of it. It's kinda blurry because I was just using the camera of my phone.
Thanks for reading!

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Animation by @zord189

Restaurant Information

Ice Trolls
SM City Baguio Luneta Hill, Upper Session Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet, Philippines

Ice Trolls----Wednesday Walk Challenge by @tattoodjay------- ONE LAST FINAL PUSH TO VOTE FOR @steemitbloggers
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Scrolled Ice Cream is very populer in Asia.

Great review. Thanks for sharing with Tasteem.



Thanks for sharing me a fact that I didn’t know.
Thank you so much for your support and this platform. Have a great day!

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Howdy there sgbonus! Hey the ice cream is so interesting to see how it's made! I've never heard of such a thing. How long does that take them to make, people might have to be patient if there's a line.


Yes that’s so true. It took around 5 minutes but the wait was worth t because it was also entertaining
to watch them make it compared to the traditional way of scooping it haha. Luckily there was no line when I went there. Thanks for dropping by and have a great day!

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Howdy again sgbonus! You are very welcome and thank you for putting out interesting posts!

I love the cat.


That cat is the definition of chill. It seems that I should adapt to its lifestyle and relax a little more.

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Yum! Now you made me hungry for ice cream! I have never seen that presentation before. Really great walk photos! !Tip


Haha, I’m sorry if I made you hungry. Makes me want to go for another flavour too. Don’t worry you’re not alone it was my first time seeing ice cream presented that way. Thank you so much for dropping by and have a great day.

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I had this one before. Its yummy but you have to wait for it like 5 minutes or so. Nice post.


The wait was worth it haha. Thanks for your kind comment and dropping by. Have a great day

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Wow!!! I want some for sure, you definitely catch all the great moments they made the ice-cream or trolls!!!!
WOWOWOWOW!!! I really love it and bookmarked. Definitely will try if I go around


Hahaha, come on over to the Philippines or look for a place that sells that. It’s sooo unique and cool when they made it. Thank you so much for dropping by and the bookmark!

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Cool! I like ice-cream, and I envy a little)) It's so cold outside that I don’t want to eat ice cream. And after viewing the photo - I wanted it!))


I love dessert I always crave for that whenever I eat. Go grab some satisfy your cravings hahaha. Thanks for dropping by

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I want some of these scrolled ice cream right now! It's been 36 C for a few days and it's boiling hot out there right now, aaaaaaaaaaaa

........ Never had scrolled ice cream myself but now I know what it is, thanks to your post :D :D :D

Very pretty photos ! I really enjoyed this post <3


There’s probably a place near you guys who sells scrolled ice cream. It’s the best thing to eat while it’s soooo hot outside. This ice is really unique. I want to buy myself a cold plate and just make my own lol. Thank you for your kind comments and have a great day ahead

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I had never heard of Scrolled ICecreamand was wondering what is was so I was glad you showed us so interesting

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip


I am so glad you shared how they made them it was so interesting and my pleasure ot host this challenge


Just wanted to share my experience of food that I also don't know Haha. It really was interesting to watch them make it. Thank again for hosting this! Always makes me look forward to Wednesdays and think of what to post.

Beautiful post... Those ice-cream looks delicious...


Thank you so much for dropping by and your kind comment. It was really good. Have a great day!

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Haven't been to Baguio yet. Maybe next time I am in the Philippines. I have tried that style of rolled fresh ice cream before and it is really good. Nice kitty, too!


You should come and visit this place one time. One thing that I love here is the climate. Thank you so much for dropping by!