Satay padang pariaman

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Satay padang that's the legendary name for the Indonesian community, sate made from mutton plus spices typical spice indonesia add taste on the satay is very steady.insert Img
Maybe you are wondering, why sate padang there in town pariaman, makasar ??
Because people who sell sate padang in this makasar come from the desert, west sumatra.
insert Imginsert Img
Not a strange thing, because there are many restaurants that open the typical food from the region even though they sell in other cities.insert Img


Restaurant satay padang pariaman


Makassar City, South Sulawesi, 인도네시아

Satay padang pariaman

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맛나보이네요^^ 저도 한번 가봐야겠네요^^

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