Tình Bạn Quán - Friendship restaurant

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Do you like this view, a nice view with yellow light, peaceful street and silent lake in the dynamic city. It's hard to find a nice place like this in Ho Chi Minh but today I want to share with you one restaurant with a nice view and space like this.

Not only with a nice view, but this restaurant also has a nice name: "Tình Bạn Quán - Friendship restaurant", I think the owner put this name because he wants to connect everyone or made the friendship between friend become closer. Anyway, I special like the view and the name of this restaurant, and now, let's enjoy the meal with me.

We come quite early, the customers still fever so I can see the street easily but about 8 PM, the customers become crowded I can see the street like when I arrived.

This pic take when the restaurant become crowded.


Tình Bạn Quán not a buffet restaurant but why I join this contest "All You Can Eat" because this restaurant has a menu book too thick and full of dishes name for you select, you can eat everything you want until you full. We had over 10 people but we only can order a part of the menu so when you come here, I bet you never feel hungry, only worry about what would you want to eat?

You can check the menu detail in the picture below.





Some dishes like:

  • Grilled dishes
  • Fried dishes
  • Hotpot
  • Stir-fried dishes
  • ...

Many choices for you

The taste is not bad, and you know what, I never ever know that young tofu can be fried before come here, I really like one dish is grilled vegetables with cheese includes mushroom, fried young tofu, young corn, carrot, shrimp and cuttle. I eat this dish too much and we must order 2 parts for the grilled vegetable dish.



Some other dishes still great, the taste is suitable for everyone but I want to notice you one dish if you can not eat spicy food, this dish is "grilled beef with satay", this dishes very very spicy, think hard before ordering.

Besides, we ordered some dishes like:

  • Yangzhou fried rice
  • Beef curry with bread
  • Stir-fried noodle
  • Grilled shrimp
  • Fried chicken feet
  • Clams steaming
  • ...








We ordered Tiger beer to drink, I didn't need to introduce this brand because Tiger beer is very famous and I like Tiger beer =))))


You can see that we ordered too much and drink too much but the price not expensive. The price for each person about 200,000 VND (~9$) very suitable price and we so full after the meal.
Because of crowded customers so service dishes slow a little bit, but when waiting we drinking and talking so happy, it's still okay.
I rate 9 points for the restaurant and sure that I will come back here again.

Thank you for reading


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Restaurant Information

TÌnh Bạn Quán
666 Trường Sa, Phường 17, Phú Nhuận, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Tình Bạn Quán - Friendship restaurant
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Looks like a lot of great dishes!

Yep, most of dishes are so great and I ate too much!

Thank you so much for your curate @jozef230!


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