Vegetarian Buffet at Riverside Palace

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Yesterday evening, my company have a party dinner at a luxury place that I never eat here before. You will be overwhelmed by the Riverside space: modern, luxury, large space and lighting.

Follow me to the journey at Riverside last night.

First, when I gone to Riverside and prepare go inside, I took some photo from the outside, the space very lighting and large.




And when you go into the inside, the space truly beauty and twinkle. There are more than 60 dishes are presented in the main corridor, surrounded by tables and chairs for fellow dinner. Not only Vietnamese dishes but also have dishes come from other country like Thailand, China, Korea and Europe nations... Let's see the inside space and food, I took too much of photo about it:













Look delicious, right? It's truly very very delicious and I actually ate a lot.

I think with a luxury place and delicious food like Riverside, the price will be expensive and Riverside Palace not the place I will thinking when I want go to eat. But you know what, the price at here only higher normal restaurant a little bit. Only 295.000VND/person ~ 13$/person for a delicious dinner with beauty place and space.


Staff at here clear the table so quickly and very nice. After last night I know a new place to eat with family and friend.

Restaurant Information

Riverside Palace
360D Bến Vân Đồn, Phường 1, Quận 4, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Vegetarian Buffet at Riverside Palace
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uề nhìn bị kích thích quá chị ơi :))

Ngon lắm em, chị ăn tới nỗi đi không nổi luôn mà =))

Look good.

Yep, it's truly delicious!

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