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In recent days, I must eat instant porridge instead of eating rice like normal, and I sure if you in a case like me, you will only eat porridge.
I had wisdom teeth and I removed it 3 days ago so I only can eat soft food like porridge and today I want to introduce to you a small porridge restaurant near my university

Small space but very crowded customers, I must awhile minute to wait for the empty table, after that wait more a little bit to serve food.
I think because I go here in the evening so the restaurant quite crowded, If you want to try, you should go early or go in the afternoon



I ordered myself one porridge with the beef ball and fried breadsticks. A porridge bowl is full of fried breadsticks, blood and beef ball.
When waiting serve porridge, you can make the sauce if you want to eat the bold taste.





The taste not bad and the beef ball eat with chili is so good, the rice so soft and I think they stew the rice quite long to make soft porridge
I also order one ice tea to drink, I often drink something when eating, a bad hobby but I can give up.


Beside porridge with beef ball you can order other dishes like

  • Porridge with cuttle
  • Porridge with pork
  • Porridge with chicken
  • Porridge with Chinese herbs eggs
  • ...

And the price is suitable, about 25,000 VND, over 1$.
I think I will back in tomorrow because I still can not eat hard food.
If you remove wisdom teeth like me, don't forget to Cháo 175 restaurant to enjoy porridge here.

Thank you for reading


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Restaurant Information

Chao 175
175 Trần Bình Trọng, Phường 3, Quận 5, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Cháo 175
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