Phan Thiet seafood market

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Hi everyone, have you ever try to eat seafood at the market?
Normal, when we want to eat seafood, we often select one seafood restaurant and enjoy the meal, but in this way, you only see the seafood on the dishes, you do not see the real seafood.
Today I will eat seafood at the market, the market not only sells seafood but also they cook all the seafood they sell if you want they cook for you.
First, you must go to the market and select the seafood.




After select the seafood we are going to the beach and waiting for the seller to cook the seafood. Because we buy seafood at the market so the price not expensive and the seafood so fresh.
We bought many types of seafood, including lobster in it and we have over 10 people. I remember that we must pay 260,000 VND/ person (~12$/person), not expensive, right?

After waiting time, the ower serve food and they serve dishes one by one, not serve all in one








And you can see the beach when you eat seafood here, enjoy the sound of the waves, the winds and the salty taste from the sea.


Even though the market quite crowded but not many people eat seafood at the market like us so the seller cook the market so fast and tasty
Eat seafood and see at the beach in the morning is the best experience, but you should try it in the early morning or lately afternoon because of the sunlight is so bright. We go to the beach at 9 AM and the seafood served at 10 AM, this time the sun so high and bright, it's too hot and glare.
If you go to beach, you should try eat seafood at the market, I bet you will love it

This market located behind Hòn Rơm 2 resort, you can go here to know the detail address because I don't see the address of the market so I take the address of the resort.
Resort address:
Hon Rom 2, Mũi Né, Phan Thiết City, Bình Thuận Province, Vietnam

Thank you for reading
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Restaurant Information

Phan Thiet seafood market
Mũi Né, Thành phố Phan Thiết, Bình Thuận, Vietnam

Phan Thiet seafood market
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Looks like a lot of great fresh seafood on the beach

Yep, the best place to eat seafood is in the beach.

That just looks soo good!

Seafood so fresh and tasty, I ate too much =)))

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