Fill in the blanks with the theme at the cafe baker king

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Fill in the blanks with the theme at the cafe baker king


Hello all today I will post a place I visit on a weekend night
Today I traveled to the city of Banda Aceh with my friend visiting the culinary that was there and we also stopped by to eat the culinary in the restaurant bakerking on the Panglima street.

We chose the right place to chat and chose a suitable position for us and I also ordered chocolate-sprinkled cake on it and.



For drinks, we order coffee because there are various kinds of delicious coffee here. This trip only fills the vacuum at home around the vast city of banda aceh and finally we stop at Baker King and enjoy the food that is there for today. you guys are fun

Aceh-indonesia, January 08, 2019

Restaurant Information

Baker king
JL. Panglima Polem, Peunayong, Kuta Alam, Kota Banda Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia

Fill in the blanks with the theme at the cafe baker king
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Hi. The venue to you have chosen is not a restaurant but a bakery you buy bread, cakes etc to take away to eat. Please ensure you read the rules to enter our contest for your next review. Thanks

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