Alkechengi the best ice cream in town

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One of my favorite kind of desserts is ice cream, I love it especially during summer and one of my favorite place in town to eat it is this lovely place.
At a first sight the place do not look so awesome but once you try their ice cream you will taste a pinch of heaven!
I try many ice cream shops, here in Italy we have a lot of them in every city, but this one is absolutely my favorite in town.
The place is not fancy and it's quite little there is not a big space for families, just some random tables, it is situated in the street in front of a square in Pistoia, it's easy to go there by car or feet.


They made a good and tasty ice cream, the good thing about this place is the wide choice, from chocolate to vanilla to pistache to the yr own kind of ice cream, every week they create a new ice cream flavor, like mint and milk, tea flavor, coffee and nuts etc... They also create flavors with liquors. My favorite one is the cheesecake ice cream, I totally love it!


I really suggest this place to everyone who love ice cream in Pistoia, the owner is really nice and kind, she always have a good word for everyone and prices are really cheaper for a good quality ice cream

Restaurant Information

Corso Antonio Gramsci, 160, 51100 Pistoia PT, Italy

Alkechengi the best ice cream in town
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Yummy dessert!

That is a generous serving scoop!!!