Chilling with fusion delight at Primiera

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I was on my way home after appreciating a wall at the mall when I heard a girl persisting the flavor she wants so I turned and noticed this burger and milktea shop. It got me curious so I lined up behind the two and see what the shop got.

They have a fairly enough of milktea options which look so thirst quenching and crave-satisfying with all the toppings.

The whipped cream and toppings seem so tempting on the menu but I have to admit that those options are a bit pricey so I ordered the plain Fusion Delight. I guess I got a little stingy that time.

While waiting for my order I got the chance to notice the very limited space. There are only two small tables, a wall table towards the glass wall and one table in front of the shop. This is not recommended for big groups but for max of four to cram in each small table.

The fusion delight was so good. Aside from its creaminess, it also tasted just right sweetness and crushing of the ice was so fine. I can even smell the sweetness scent that is not the typical sugar.

There was a survey form on the table stand. I did not fill it up when I left but I thought it is cool. It gave me ideas of what to rate in a food establishment.

Maybe it will be worth filling the survey form up on a revisit to give this yummy burger a try.

As for this particular review, let me fill the survey form up.

Food quality: 4
Menu variety: 4
Service: 3 (my order was served in around 15 minutes which was longer than I expected)
Ambiance: 4
Cleanliness: 4
Overall experience: 4

Why isn't there a price on the survey form? 😃

Primiera Burgers and Milkteas
2F SM City Sucat
Doctor Arcadio Santos Avenue
Parañaque City
Metro Manila

Restaurant Information

Primiera Burgers and Milkteas
SM City, Dr Arcadio Santos Ave, Parañaque, 1700 Metro Manila, Philippines

Chilling with fusion delight at Primiera
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In the US and only in recent years, restaurants and shops are required to display the calories which I do not see but I bet they are very high!

Well, we do not have such legislation for restaurants here in the Philippines. If we do, I wonder how many diners will really notice and check the calories first before ordering. I guess not much, maybe not even me. 😝

milktea options which look so thirst quenching and crave-satisfying with all the toppings.

I'll tell mom only "thirst quenching" to justify all the other stuff which shall remain annonymous but yum❗

Right, right... focus on the positive side and ignore the negativity. Hahaha!

The 170 Php one looks like a calorie bomb that will take you to euphoria haha. THank you for sharing this with us!

Calories... you nailed it! I used the high price as an excuse not to take it but yes, I was trying to fight the temptation. 😄

Nice post jus fruit @macoolette

I love milktea!


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