Slurpy noodles, anyone? Fudao is the one!

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I went to Divisoria in Manila to canvass for low cost school supplies that we will give away for our upcoming outreach. Exhausted with so much walking and hunting for suppliers, I asked a security guard if he has a supplier in mind nearby where I can try. He pointed me to a street in front and told me to turn left, cross the next street and turn left again. The first turn brought me to Lucky Chinatown where I discovered this Fudao Sate Noodles. It is one of the food stalls lined up along the grounds of Chinatown Walk. It is between Lucky Chinatown Mall and the Annex building. I had been into this place more than 20 years ago and I can no longer remember how it looked back then. It seem so strange to me now.

What caught my attention to Fudao Sate Noodles are the people in front of the stall while other stalls were not busy at all.
eye catcher.jpg

I got closer to see what's going on. That gave me the chance to watch and have a short chat with one of the crew. I asked what these in the box are and he patiently told me one by one while serving the orders of the others. The green ones are veggies balls, the brown cubes are tofu, the whitish balls are squid balls and the not-so-white ones are fish balls.

I watched them prepare the orders and the lined up bowls look so yummy. I suddenly felt my hunger. Oh yes, it is past lunch time. I forgot about the time when I was so busy worrying about and scouting for school supplies.

I was intently watching the crews then I realized the soup is already prepared in a large pot. All they have to do is fill the bowls with noodles and other toppings. That tells me that the taste will be the same for all types in the bowls. The only difference will be on your choice of toppings.

Right in front of the bowls are the prices of each serving which is the same P150.00 for all. That is around US$ 2.89. Not bad for something that look so yummy! And the bowl is large which your money is really worth the food.

I love seafood so this bowl did not get pass my attention. It is the only seafood bowl so it is what I ordered. I can feel my hunger getting worse while I watched it being served.

Finally, my bowl is ready! While the crew was pulling the chop sticks out that was only when I realized I haven't practiced the sticks for a long time. Darn! 😃

I asked for utensils but the crew said they have none. They only have plastic spoons which he already included with the chop sticks that he was handing out to me. So how do you eat shrimps with shells using chop sticks?
my seafood.jpg

The noodle soup was as yummy as it looks. I was very full that I was not able to finish all the soup. But certainly, I finished the noodles, the dumplings and of course, the shrimps! Please do not ask me back as to how I finished the shrimp with the sticks. Just try to imagine: the struggle was real! 😃

Overall, Fudao Sate Noodles was a great discovery. The food was great, the price was right and the place looks neat and clean in spite of it being in a walkway.

Here is my last shot of the food stall while I was enjoying my bowl (and struggling with the shrimps). It took a while before I was able to get a clear shot because people have been coming too frequently.
Fudao stall.jpg

Sometimes it is really worth getting lost in a place that you are not familiar with. That gives you the opportunity to discover something new and something great that is worth a revisit.

Now, I gotta go continue hunting for suppliers. What did the security guard say again? Cross the street and another turn to the left... 😊

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Restaurant Information

Fudao Sate Noodles
ChinaTown Walk, Binondo, Manila, 1006 Metro Manila, Philippines

Slurpy noodles, anyone? Fudao is the one!
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That dish sure looks tasty Nd so cool reading your post abotu how this stall works, When Is see a bunch of food places and one is so much busier than others thats the one I will check out

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip


Yap, this Fudao stall was drawing much attention and I understood why after trying what they got to offer. 😊

Thanks too for your Wednesday walk initiative.


I love hosting the Wednesday Walk, its great to see walks from all around the world

That food looks delicious... Also spicy.. Hmm I am feeling little bit hungry now...


Yap, the noodles iare indeed enticing... 😊

This is so much more than Noddles! I would love to try. Yuuum..

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Yes, you gotta try it when you get the chance. It's really good. 😊

great tasteem review.
those curry look good


Thanks. Yes, the soup really tasted good. 😊

All the food look so yummy


The food indeed are yummy and something that should not be missed when you drop by the place. 😊

Jajajaja Hola @macoolette, la comida se ve deliciosa, disfrute mucho este post, ya que me hizo reír, ¡Imaginándome! ¿Cómo te comiste los camarones con esos palitos? Un beso.


Hi Celina!

Yes, it was really funny when I tried to imagine myself with the shrimp and chop sticks. As I replied to cicisaja, I just swallowed the shrimp with shell and peel it off in my mouth. Now, I learned my lesson! It was a heck of experience. 😃

How are you?


¡Hola mi linda! gracias a Dios estoy bien de salud, pero pasando trabajo con el problema de la luz, siguen los apagones, por días o por horas, es horrible estar sin luz, sin agua, sin comunicación. Deseo te encuentres bien, un beso @macoolette.

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That's looks really delicious to stop the orchestra in your stomach stage @macoolette😆 did you peel the shrimp's shell succesfully? I like to have it with the shell though😉 all I need is toothpick to clean up my teeth later..

So.. did you get the school supplies ☺


I tried peeling the shell off using the chop sticks but it was sooo hard. 😃 What I did was to separate the body and the head and just swallow each part. I do the peeling in my mouth and spit them out later. Whoah! That's one kind of an experience in eating, I must say. I was trying to imagine myself and I thought it's awkward 😃 I may not do it again. Next time, I'll ask first if they have utensils before I order. 😃

Nope, I haven't yet purchased the school supplies. I'll do it when we get closer to the outreach date. We just needed to have an idea of the prices so we know how to do the budgeting.

How are you lately? I haven't had the chances to go around and engage. I'm still surviving as usual to keep my account here moving. 😊

Hmmm ...


The #ccc tag is so far back that I almost missed this yummy post!

So how do you eat shrimps with shells using chop sticks?

I do that all the time. hehehe ...


So how do you do it without eating the shells and looking awkward? 😃

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Thank you. 😊


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Thank you. 😊

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