Cheap and also fabulous at Lot 18

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Everything here is unique. It is antique. As you walk into this house hybrid Cafe, you feel as though you have gone back in time. Time capsule on its own.

The floor is wooden. Not many places have wooden flooring these days. The clear window lets you peek into its kitchen as they prepare the food. On this day, my friend, Aywen and I went food hunting and this place was on our list. It's called the Lot 18 Cafe. It's actually someone's house turned Cafe a long time ago.


The passion fruit juice and the fish soup noodle


That is the view from my table. That car looks like it is from Jurassic Park.


The roasted chicken rice

The roasted chicken meat is soft and tender. I ordered the milk sugar.


The view of all our food. The bowl of noodles that is filled with gravy is the Wa Tan Hoe. It has lots of hidden stuff in it. Lot 18 Cafe serves super cheap food with fabulous wuality


I am from Miri which is part of Malaysia. Do follow me on my food journeys.

Restaurant Information

Lot 18 Cafe Krokop Miri Sarawak Malaysia
Jln Krokop 5, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Cheap and also fabulous at Lot 18
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Hi hi my bro.. For this place, it isn't halal...=)

Thanks buddy. but i think chicken would be halal. hehe

Yea. The chicken sold in Malaysia is 100 percent halal. Hi hi.. I guess all the ingredients are halal. Only the one who prepared it hasn't done it in a halal manner. Have a good weekend... Bro

ohh now i got it . i was thinking that Malaysia is a Islamic state, and the ingredient you have mentioned are halal. so how it can be possible that it is not halal? Thanks buddy.


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