Pepperoni Pizza at Destiny - Baguio City

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I have been passing by this restaurant. Its location is where I have no other purpose of going to that area so it was always forgotten only to be reminded again to try this place if I passed by it.

So, we were opportuned one time to come to this place and try it out.

They just opened that day so no other clients were there when we arrived. The place is clean and neat.



I like their outdoor seating because of the greenery and freshness. It was windy though so we decided to sit inside.



The interior is accented with wood including the small stage, ceilings, fixtures and furnitures. It gives a homey and warm vibe. The place is well lit even without lights on because of windows all around.






They serve pasta, sandwiches, burgers, pasta rice meals, local cuisine for sharing or solo. They serve hot and cold beverages and alcoholic drinks too.

A lot of items in the menu were unavailable, however, so we settled with coffee and pizza.




The coffee comes in a big mug. It is deliciously hot and strong.

Their pepperoni pizza has soft dough and all the ingredients are well balanced. Everything is done well and cooked well. It was surprisingly good. It was tasty and not that salty which I like. Adding hot sauce or sriracha sauce gives it another taste but even without those it tastes good still.

Destiny is located at Marcos Highway, Baguio City right after the road foing to Crystal Cave and before Hollywood Inn. They are open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. They also cater for events. You can reach them at 09563365429 their facebook page Destiny Cafe and Restaurant

Restaurant Information

Destiny Cafe and Restaurant
Baguio, Benguet, Philippines

Pepperoni Pizza at Destiny - Baguio City
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The stickers all over the menu remind me of a vast majority of smaller restaurants all over Thailand. I think they open with grandiose notions of what they will serve only to later realize that they need to incorporate ingredients into multiple dishes in order to financially justify those things.

I'm normally afraid of restaurants with stickers on the menu but as someone who once owned a small restaurant, i can attest to the fact that reprinting menus is an expensive endeavor.

Nice pics, seems like a good place... I hope to make it over the the Philippines one day soon.

When I saw those stickers I thought to myself it is not a good sign because it seems to me they don't sell or they have not much client or worse about to close shop.

We were at the point of leaving when our first few choices were unavailable but I really wanted to give this a chance and was pleased their pizza is good.

I think they do more business on the events side as I can see in their facebook page than just a normal restaurant.

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Wow good on you for supporting a business and giving them a go

Wow good on you for
Supporting a business and
Giving them a go

                 - cryptof

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Esp for thosr with potential 👍👍

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A nice place and a good pizza.
Good review

Thanks @libertycrypto27 👍👍

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Detailed review as always and nice photography. Keep up your great work.

Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks much! Cheers 👍👍

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View from the restaurant is really stunning plus pizza looks delicious...Quiet good details review plus love tat delicious looking picture of pizza.... Really nice place to visit...

Keep up the good work...

Thanks a lot for your contribution...

If you need any help feel free to join our discord

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Thank you @priyanarc! It was one of those good finds we had that doesn't come often.

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