Best Yogurt Ice Cream hands down @Yogurt Factory

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  summer is coming, as you can see the people lining up in front of the ice cream store! I hate to wait in line, but this yogurt ice cream is exception. You can choose the base yogurt, then the toppings!

  There are more than 20 choices. Fruits, syrups, snacks, chocolates, etc... So yea, honestly deciding what to get is the hardest part. BUT IT'S WORTH IT! I always get these brownies and strawberry syrups on top, and it's the best thing you can get in hot summer day.

Restaurant Information

Yogurt Factory
12 Rue Linois, 75015 Paris, France

Best Yogurt Ice Cream hands down @Yogurt Factory
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Mmm It is so delicius 😋 i love ice-cream!

Wow! That's so much toppings. I bet you enjoyed every bite of it. Thanks for sharing this with us