RT Pastry House for Some Sweet Love.

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RT Pastry started out in 2003 as a fusion of Japanese & Taiwanese concept bakery shop, which has expanded it's business to 12 branches as of today around Klang Valley.

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The branch that I am introducing today is situated in Klang area, a very cosy and relaxing place suitable for dining and gathering.

The place is much quieter at night, so if you plan on a blind date, maybe you can try out this place. It doesn't just serve the usual main course, they have a section of bakery and pastry, lots of delicious cakes and desserts if your date is just for light coffee and chit chat to know each other.

RT Pastry05.jpg

RT Pastry06.jpg

There are two sections of seating space, so if you want some privacy with your date, choose the seating space at the above photo, go to the corner or at the back there's a bar table and seats.

RT Pastry08.jpg

RT Pastry12.jpg

RT Pastry11.jpg

RT Pastry10.jpg

If you are just going to have a coffee and not heavy meals with your blind date, try the pastry and desserts here. All these fine cakes go well with their fine aromatic coffee and tea. I love their small pieces of assorted cakes and rolls, their pastry chef always comes out with different kind of inventions and never failed to meet the taste bud of their customers.


Some sneak peek of the menu.








They serve all the main course, breakfast, burgers, sandwiches, chicken chop or with rice, pasta and pizza. Anything you want you can get it here, so you can't go wrong with your date now, can you... Haha


Let's have a look at some food photos.


Salted Egg Chick Wings02.jpg

For some snacks and starters, you can try their Chicken Nuggets or Salted Egg Chicken Wings. Definitely recommending the salted egg chicken wings, it's so creamy and the slight chilli taste makes the flavour more complete.

Under the sea.jpg

Seafood Aglio Olio.jpg

Next with some main course, Under the Sea which actually stands for fish and chips... And the delicious Seafood Aglio Olio, which I always ordered but it tends to be a bit spicy than it should be so best to tell the waiter to reduce the spiciness as you don't want to start sweating during the date right!

Long Black.jpg

Lastly, just enjoy a cup of coffee with a slice of cake to complete your blind date for tonight. Perfect!



I would recommend the place, of course, base on the ambience, the food plus they have excellent desserts and coffee, it just makes a perfect place for a blind date, what do you think?!


All photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.


RT Pastry House
Address: No. 2, Jalan Dataran Marvelane,
Off Jalan Meru, 41050 Klang Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact: +603 3362 4586
Business Hour : 9am – 10.30pm (Sunday – Thursday)
9am – 11.30pm (Friday – Saturday & Public Holiday)
Website: http://www.rtpastry.com/

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Restaurant Information

RT Pastry House
2, Jalan Dataran Marvelene, Off Jalan Meru, Kawasan 17, 41050 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

RT Pastry House for Some Sweet Love.
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So much desserts! I'd have to get one if I walked past those :P

Those chicken wings looked really tasty too!

The desserts are a must-try! The wings really tasted yummy!

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Thank you!

Yummy, especially the salted egg!!

Yup, that one really is nice!

I cant wait to go on a date here. Especially with the are of privacy, I will enjoy the cool sitting and discussion.

RT Pastry really got amazing and delicious meals.

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I'm sure you will like this place with your date!

wow the pastry house looks awesome

Indeed it is!

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Thank you so much!!

WHAT a fabulous looking place!!

I'm sure you will like it too!

Food looks simply delicious, pastries and cakes in lovely display. Looks like a great place to support and enjoy when going out @joelai thanks for sharing.

Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated as usual!


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Thank you!

We love RT pastry House too. Always buy cakes from there for any birthdays... =)

Cool, you know about RT Pastry House too!!

Everything looks very stylish and beautiful. Was it delicious?

It was delicious, especially the chicken wings @amalinavia!

This is a great review @joelai, a reward well deserved.

Thank you so much, love your post too!

Foooooooooooooood!! I waaaaaaaant!


We have a nice routine here! hahaha

yummy food

Wow! Such great foods and pastries. Yup, I agree, its a great place for a date or blind dates.

What a lovely review!! That food just looks so good. Thanks for sharing this with us and have a great day!

Howdy joelai! Are you tellin me you didn't have dessert?? With all that selection I would have to have some! I love that place. lol..great photos and review.